Drivers call display in East Texas 'offensive'

Drivers call display in East Texas 'offensive'
An East Texas man says there's nothing wrong with his display located off Highway 59 in Woodlawn that some drivers are calling offensive.
The display features lawn jockeys and fishing boys holding confederate flags.
"The fact that he has them displayed on a statue that is pitch black with pink lips I find that very racist," said one driver who didn't want to be identified.
Some drivers believe the display sends the wrong message to anyone driving by.
"That's just embarrassing to me that it's so close to my home, and I don't want people thinking this is what goes on here," said a driver who calls the area home.
Tommy Phillips is the creator of the statues and says he makes and sales the yard ornaments which sit in his front yard in Woodlawn, Texas.
“No one has mentioned that they are offended,” said Phillips.
Phillips said the controversy surrounding the confederate flags has boosted business for him and he's just cashing in.
"I just use the rebel flag because that is what people are buying right now," added Phillips.
"The black jockeys are holding the flags, you have all of the other displays here but they aren't holding the flag," said another driver.
Phillips said he's been selling flags and figurines for 15 years and he doesn't plan on changing his approach.

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