New details emerge about accused killer of SPD officer

New details emerge about accused killer of SPD officer

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - We're learning much more about the criminal history of Grover Cannon, the Shreveport man captured after a citywide manhunt in the murder of police officer Thomas LaValley Wednesday night, August 5.

Cannon was already wanted on a charge of attempted second degree murder from a shooting in mid-July. And even before the latest accusations against him, Cannon had a long criminal history.

That history included five separate convictions in Caddo Parish in the last decade. Cannon had been in and out of jail for crimes ranging from theft and burglary to drug dealing.

But on this day, after Officer LaValley's shooting, we spent the day on the trail for Cannon before his capture on Thursday afternoon.  And we were there as police officers and K-9 units converged around the intersection of Jewella Avenue and Frederick Street in Shreveport shortly before noon on Thursday,  trying to find Cannon.

As officers canvassed that area, neighbors watched intently.

"Man, it's messed up, man I think the dude('s) got a death wish," said Glen Brooks, an area resident.

Hours before officers say they discovered Cannon drinking a beer in a back garage of a duplex in the 3800 block of Jackson Street, Glen Brooks said he was certain they would catch the accused killer.

"Oh yeah, they're trying too hard. Something's going to give. Bad situation," said Brooks.

It was a possible sighting of Cannon that brought police to Jewella and Frederick in the first place, along with an attempted break-in next door to the sighting.

"I heard it. It shakes the frame when you kick in the door," recalled Catherine Grant.

She told us it was that loud noise that woke her up about 5:30 a.m. as she slept upstairs.

"I didn't immediately come down. I listened to see was anyone was in the bottom level," said Grant.

She never saw who it was trying to get into the business, only the damage to a back fence.

In the midst of the massive manhunt for Cannon, we went to his mom's home.  Ramona Cannon had one message for her son at the time.

"Wherever he('s) at please, you know, give up, turn yourself in," said Ramona Cannon.

Next door, we caught up with Shacory Davis and her 4-year-old son Ahmod as they locked-up the back shed as a precaution, just in case Cannon returned to the neighborhood. Davis said she only knew Grover Cannon in passing and only began seeing him coming and going from his mother's house last year after he got out of jail.

Davis told us, "Well, I know he'd been in jail before. So, to hear him kill a cop I was kind of surprised but I hope they catch him."

Then after her son's capture, Ramona Cannon expressed relief that no shots had been fired and that her son is alive. She also expressed regret for the violence and suffering.

"I'd say I'm sorry for their loss and I'm sorry that had to happen to that officer.  And I'm sorry that my son had to get caught up in all this too. I'm sorry for all of them," said Ramona Cannon.

Cannon added that she knows nothing about her son's recent actions or even his circle of friends because her son did not come around or communicate with her anymore.

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