Editorial: Coastal restoration

Editorial: Coastal restoration

We all need to be watchdogs on this one.

Louisiana's share of the latest $18.7 billion BP oil settlement could go a long way toward jump-starting the state's plan to restore our coastline.

The settlement would funnel $500 million a year over 15 years toward restoration projects. What's more, we already have a well thought out master plan to spend the money.

What could go wrong?

I don't need to answer that question for you. We have a state government that has had difficulty recently living with in its means.

Our recent tradition has been to use one-time money, like a big environmental settlement, to plug holes in the state budget. To be fair, many of our state leaders are now saying all the right things about how the BP money will be spent.

Let's hope they'll use the windfall as it is intended, to help one of our greatest natural resources: our coastline.

I'm James Smith.

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