River Bluff resident gives tour of flooded home

River Bluff residents gives tour of flooded home

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - The river is receding but that doesn't mean much for those who have lost so much in the flood.

We walked through a home in the River Bluff subdivision located in Bossier City. The damage was extensive and cleaning efforts will take months.

"You pick up like a picture or something and it's waterlogged and the color is falling off of it, that's when it hits you it's more than water in your house it takes away from you, it's a disaster," said Morgan Hiser.

Hiser says memories are now afloat throughout his grandfather Randy Wright's home.

"This is literally something that washes memories away," said Hiser.

Hiser walked us around his grandfather's property stopping to show us where things once were and then he took us inside where hardwood floors are now completely overtaken by the Red River.

"My initial reaction was surprised, but then it's just kind of disturbing," said Hiser.

Wright believed everything would be okay, but as things continued to get worse, he realized it was best to get out.

"He told me he thought he'd be alright because his house is higher up than most houses in the neighborhood," said Hiser. "He told me he needed my help and I was on the road."

The home was built inside of the levee and the family says they have no regrets.

"It is an obvious question 'why build inside of the levee,' wish I had the perfect answer for you but I don't. I can tell you this was a beautiful house and a lot of memories were made inside of this house," said Hiser.

The family plans to assess the damage and they say they plan to rebuild at the same location if necessary.

We're told that many people built inside of the levee believing that the chances of a historic flood happening were slim.

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