Family First: Reverse aging without injections or surgery

Family First: Reverse aging without injections or surgery

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Experts say a host of minimally invasive treatment options are designed to actually stop your skin's aging process in it's tracks and they're growing in popularity. But, is this the fountain of youth we're all looking for or are more traditional treatments still your best bet?

Julie, who prefers we not use her last name, uses fractional laser treatments to keep her skin looking young and improve texture. "There's very little downtime and there's not very much pain involved," says Julie. "It's an extremely natural result."

That natural look is what experts say more patients are opting for and a host of minimally invasive treatments are aimed at achieving it. There are several treatments on the market like focused ultrasound to tighten the skin, fractional lasers to treat scars and micro needling, which is using small needles to create tiny injury to the skin.

"We can create microscopic wounds to the skin that stimulates the skin to produce new collagen. By essentially tricking the skin into going into this wound repair mechanism we can reverse some of the aspects of aging," says Dr. Arielle Kauver, the Director of the New York Laser and Skin care center.

Some experts recommend starting treatment early at the first signs of aging in order to slow the process. Dr. Scot Glasberg, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, sees a trend toward minimally invasive procedures but feels some of these treatments may border on too little for some patients.

"There are times when surgery or more invasive procedures are the best options for patients," says Dr. Glasberg. "And that's generally later in life, more extreme situations where patients have waited and not had any of the minimally invasive to start." 

Dr. Arielle Kauvar points out sometimes a combination of treatments works best and says lasers can't prevent wrinkles from returning in areas with a lot of muscle movement.

"So injectable's such as neurotoxin and fillers accomplish one kind of change where as lasers and ultrasound treatments accomplish another," says Dr. Kauver. "And often to get the sort of total picture and the best rejuvenation we combine them."

If you do consider option for a newer minimally invasive anti-aging treatment, Dr. Kauvar recommends seeing a physician who is well qualified and has a lot of experience with the treatment device. 

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