ETX arborist explains how to prevent trees from uprooting

ETX arborist explains how to prevent trees from uprooting

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - With even more storms coming into the ArkLaTex, strong winds are expected yet again.

Sunday's storms uprooted dozens of trees, most narrowly missing homes.

We spoke with one East Texas arborist about how easily huge trees can fall and cause extensive damage.

It might be too late to prevent your trees from being at risk of toppling over for this round of storms, but there are ways to prevent your trees from uprooting.

"The wind really kicked up and about that time, a tree snapped in half in my front yard," said Marshall resident Brian Workman.

With more strong wind gusts on the way, we wanted to find out what you can do to prevent this from happening on your property.

"The older trees, it just doesn't take very much to take them down. so that's when they come down. Plus, they have a lot of weight up there," explained arborist Angela Ledger.

Ledger is also known as "The Tree Health Lady." She works at keeping trees from dying and falling over.

Ledger explained when wind from storms is involved, it can be difficult to predict which trees will fall. She says oak trees are more likely to be uprooted and pines are more

likely to split. But when wind is involved, it can do anything to the trees. Especially with the amount of rain we've had.

"With all the rain, it's loosening the soil from the roots and that's really how the trees hold on," says Ledger.

But, there are ways to help prevent that from happening. The main thing we that can help is to prune the trees so there is less weight.

"It's less likely to come down because you're allowing more airflow and so the winds that come through won't impact the tree quite as much. Nothing really to catch onto to help

it fall down," says Ledger.

But that's just not something that can be done right before a storm hits.

Ledger says you should be pruning your trees on a semi-annual basis. She says it's not a fool proof protection from winds knocking your trees down, but it can help.

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