Oklahoma man's viral video has animal lovers calling for action

Oklahoma man's viral video has animal lovers calling for action

IDABEL, OK (KSLA) - An Oklahoma man's viral video has animal lovers calling for action. A petition is circulating claiming alleged animal abuse at an animal control facility in Idabel, Oklahoma.

The disturbing video is making it's rounds online. The video, which surfaced on the internet Tuesday, shows a dog in the shelter eating the bloody remains of another dog.

"I walked over to the pen and noticed that her and another small puppy were eating on another dog. I noticed there was no food or water inside of there" says Abe Thomas.

Thomas says he automatically started recording on his cell phone. He later learned that he was not the only one upset with the pound. A group known as the "Idabel Oklahoma Pound: We Demand Reform - Fire ACO Cecil Richards" has turned to Facebook to express their frustrations.

"They were living in their feces, urine and there was nothing there" says Thomas.

But, Idabel Mayor Tina Foshee-Thomas says that isn't the case and adds that the city has already investigated the situation.

"What was found through that investigation is that yesterday morning, our animal control officer went to work around 8:00 a.m., he went to the dog pound, cleaned out the dog pens, sanitized them, fed and gave water to the dogs" claims the mayor in during a phone interview with KSLA News 12.

However, the mayor says Animal Control Officer Cecil Richards does not stay at the pound around the clock and that it is possible that the dog may have died of natural causes. She also suggested that the dogs may have gotten into a fight but she insists that the dogs are being fed. It is unclear right now exactly how the dog died.

Mayor Foshee-Thomas said that sometimes these dogs are picked up emaciated and it's really hard to put weight on them in a short time.

So far, over 2,500 supporters have signed the online petition calling for the firing of Animal Control Officer Cecil Richards. According to the mayor, Richards is the only caregiver on staff to take care of the animals at the shelter.

Mayor Foshee-Thomas says the animal control facility has nothing to hide and welcomes anyone to stop by and visit the animals. Abe Thomas says that he and numerous others would happily volunteer their time to make sure the animals are properly cared for. The mayor says that the city plans on doing more checks at the shelter and that in the future, more aggressive dogs will be housed separately.

As for the dog in the video, his new temporary owner Abe Thomas, says he named the pit bull "Joy" after the dog's reaction to being removed from the pound.

Mayor Foshee-Thomas and many others don't believe that firing Richards is the solution to the problem.

To watch the raw video posted to YouTube, click here. Warning, the raw video contains graphic and disturbing images.

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