Family of victim joins fight against domestic violence

Family of victim joins fight against domestic violence
The family of Alicia West says she had a future as bright as her smile (Source: Alicia West's family members)
The family of Alicia West says she had a future as bright as her smile (Source: Alicia West's family members)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shock, disbelief and grief are the emotions this weekend after the brutal stabbing death of a Shreveport woman.

"They couldn't save her and the son immediately said, that man murdered my mom," said the aunt of the victim Cheryl Walker.

Investigators say the suspect was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend and was 'lying in wait' to attack her once she returned home. The attack happened in the 2900 block of Oak forest Lane in Shreveport, just before 4:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Those who knew and loved 33-year-old Alicia West say this was no random attack or something done in the spur of the moment. In fact, according to relatives, before 26-year-old Kelvin Brown ever stabbed West in the neck, West had placed two restraining orders on him.

The family of Alicia West says she had a future as bright as her smile.

"She wanted to be a model," said West's mother Exa Bloomer.

West left behind an 8-year-old son. She was working as a dealer at Margaritaville with dreams of pursuing a career working with computers.

"You wouldn't think that she had an enemy anywhere, the way she would meet and greet people," said West's step-father Vernon Bloomer.

The family says West met 26-year-old Kelvin Brown while working as a dealer at El Dorado Casino. According to the family, the two began dating until Brown turned violent and that's when West tried to end the relationship.

"He was obsessed with her, that is the way I feel," said Exa Bloomer.

The family described West as living in a state of fear. They say, despite two different restraining orders she filed against Brown, it did not keep him away.

"Every time she would turn around something was happening, at her home, at her job, wherever she went, there was trouble," said cousin Leandrea Ward.

They say that she took all the proper steps, that she would report it but to no avail. Police say that Brown waited for West to arrive home after her shift early Saturday morning and attacked her from the back with a sharp object.

"Your home is your sanctuary. It's supposed to be your sanctuary and if you can't feel safe in your own home then where can you feel safe," said Ward.

Police say Brown ran off after the attack, leaving West with a large cut to the neck, bleeding in her driveway. Medics rushed West to University Health Hospital where she later died.

Now, the family wants more to be done to protect victims of domestic violence.

"We need more than just paper work, we need enforcing the law," said Vernon Bloomer.

While West is gone forever, the family hopes to honor her memory by rallying for change when it comes to protecting victims facing domestic violence situations.

A vigil has been planned for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9, at the Duck Pond on East Kings Highway in Shreveport.

The family and the Captain Shreve High School class of 1999 will come together in the fight against domestic violence.

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