Summer football builds player/ coach chemistry before season

Summer football builds player/ coach chemistry before season

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Seven-on-7 football is an opportunity for players and coaches to prepare for the upcoming season before taking their first official step onto the gridiron in the fall.

Haughton High's head coach Rodney Guin suffered a heart attack three months ago, and while that incident shook up his community, he said that its not about the heart attack anymore - its about these teams and players moving forward and preparing for the fall.

"Summer is very important for every football program, not just ours so if you are going to win in September you better win in the summer that's what we are all trying to do," said Guin

Captain Shreve head coach Richard Lary knows that 7-on-7 summer ball may be lacking the Friday night feel, but there are positives and its worth it.

"Its good for us you come out here," he said. "You see a bunch of athletes and everybody's got guys running around catching footballs, you know you've got to step up and play. Obviously, there is no contact, you don't get a chance to finish a play sometimes because you have got to pull up because you don't have full pads on.

"Linebackers don't have run reads that they have to go through and everybody knows it's a pass, for what its worth, and what you get out it. "It's a great deal that we have with these teams that show up every Thursday and we have a good time at it."

Northwood defensive coordinator Steven Dennis takes pride in watching his players develop before his eyes.

"When a player is able to take what you have coached them up on the sideline, that's what you look for as a coach," Dennis said. "And when they go out on the field and see the success of the correction that the coach made, I just think it helps foster that relationship between the player and the coach and it just makes them buy in, and that's what we are looking for."

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