Two earthquakes in one day startle Timpson residents

Published: Sep. 3, 2013 at 2:40 AM CDT
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TIMPSON, TX (KSLA) - Monday's 4.1 magnitude earthquake originated about two miles northwest of Timpson, Texas at 4:52 p.m. and another 4.3 magnitude tremor was felt just before 7 p.m. People as far as Elm Grove in Bossier Parish felt the effects of the East Texas earthquakes.

It was a typical relaxing evening in Elm Grove for longtime Bossier spouses Frank and Luella Griffith. Luella was playing on her i-Pad and Frank was reading a book when suddenly they noticed something strange. "We just felt our feet going up and down," Frank Griffith explained and at first they thought it was a train, but didn't hear one. "My wife said, you know my feet are moving, I said 'you know mine are moving too,' " said Frank. 

Turned out what they were feeling could possibly have been the effects from an earthquake in East Texas. "I was surprised we felt it, it seems like it was far enough away," said Luella. Roughly 80 miles away, Timpson, Texas resident Tonya Burch felt a much less subtle rumble, "The house just started shaking for like 30 seconds," said Burch and explained that first tremor just before 5 wasn't unusual. What surprised her, was the second 4.3 magnitude quake that followed exactly 2 hours later.

"The other ones were not like that, they were days apart," said Burch and expressed her gratitude that her home wasn't damaged, but she is concerned about the frequency of the quakes and what future rumbles could bring. 

There have been 11 earthquakes in Shelby County since May of 2012, but what is causing the earthquakes? KSLA News 12 Meteorologist Stephen Parr has been investigating the cause of these quakes for several months now. Back in February, he shared with the Ark-La-Tex the results of a recent study done by the University of Texas.  In it, geologists concluded many of the earthquakes in Texas over the past decade are likely man made. 

The study says the quakes are caused by injection wells pumping water into fault lines, and lubricating the faults. The USGS is currently investigating the quakes in Shelby County to see if they are related to one or more of the hydraulic injection wells located in and around the Timpson.