Golden Apple Award winner: Kelli Anthony

Golden Apple Award winner: Kelli Anthony

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - After 14 years of teaching students, Kelli Anthony says her students are still teaching her. She has put aside the traditional worksheet and uses her kids to help teach the class together. "They are more participative, they answer when maybe they would not have before because they have to. It's their turn, they are involved. And so they enjoy that" Anthony says.

A mother of one of Anthony's students nominated her for the award. After she took a personal interest in one of her children, the student was able to move up in grades and make better scores. "Just seeing when they get something. Just seeing that light in their eye when maybe something was difficult and then they get it. I love that. I love it when they bring me a book and say we did this word, we learned this word" Anthony says.

Anthony fine tunes her teaching to each child, individually. "We like to have fun while we're learning. I think that my learning style is to gear into what that child needs. And to do something for that child that might be different than what another child needs" Anthony says. Sometimes that means just letting some restless kids stand instead of sitting. She says she isn't the only teacher in this classroom. Anthony lets the kids work in together to learn from each other. "They get to interact with each other rather than just calling someone and answering, they just they love that" Anthony says.

This week's Golden Apple Award winner is Kelli Anthony from Jack P. Timmons School. She got a $500 check from our sponsor, the law offices of Kirby Kelly.

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