Doyline residents seek Explo answers

DOYLINE, LA (KSLA) - It has been almost 3 months since Doyline residents had to evacuate their homes because a company called Explo Systems improperly stored M-6 propellant at nearby Camp Minden. Now, they are finally starting to get some answers.

Louisiana State Police gave an update to Doyline residents during a town hall meeting Monday night. They originally estimated they had 6-million pounds of M-6. Now, LSP say it was actually about 10-million pounds. About 3.5 million pounds still hasn't been stored properly. State Police also said they have tested the remaining M-6 Propellant, and it is still stable.

Those at the meeting said they did get some questions answered, and they feel reassured that they are safe now.

"I really wasn't aware of exactly what was going on.   At times I felt like the investigation even stopped, but after tonight I realize it's still going on," said Jan Campbell.

Despite the answers they got, many still have lots of questions.

"We want to know what's going to be done in the future. In other words, don't let it happen again," said Roger Walker.

LSP have someone at Camp Minden 24/7 now, but for some that isn't enough. They want to see an official policy change. State Representative Gene Reynolds says he is working on those changes, but it will take time.

"The first stage was to secure it and make everything safe. We're in the second stage now. The second stage is where we try to figure out where the train went off the tracks and why it went off the track.   Then the 3rd stage will be have legislation if we need to fix it," said Reynolds.

Doyline residents at the meeting said they also still had questions about the criminal investigation. State police did say they have started it, but are limited on how much investigating they can do on the property until they get those last 3.5 million pounds properly stored.

On Thursday the Homeland Security Committee will hold a hearing in Baton Rouge to discuss the situation and hear testimony from those investigating. KSLA News 12 will be there to bring you updates from the state capitol.

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