Nerren, City of Shreveport big winners in December 8 elections

Nerren, City of Shreveport big winners in December 8 elections

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Saturday night, voters put to rest who the next judge will be for the 26th Judicial District, which covers Bossier and Webster Parishes. Meanwhile, Shreveport residents gave overwhelming approval to a 1/4% sales tax renewal which helps fund the city's police and fire departments. Click here for final results.

Bossier/Webster Assistant District Attorney Mike Nerren was chosen as the next judge for the 26th Judicial District. The evening ended with Nerren winning out over Bossier City Attorney Whit Graves with 54% of the vote. The winning margin of victory was just under 1,000 votes.

Nerren spent Saturday evening with friends and family at a Bossier City restaurant, where he also kept an eye on the results. After the election, Nerren said he was glad that he had the most votes in both Bossier and Webster Parish instead of splitting them between himself and Graves.

Just under 14,000 votes were cast in Saturday's judicial race, or 14% of the total number of voters in both parishes.

In Shreveport, the voter turnout was much less at just under 5%. Still, of the 6,100 voters who cast a ballot, 85% of them agreed to renew a 1/4% sales tax which is dedicated to the city's police and fire departments.

Deputy Police Chief Dwayne Huddleston said the members of both departments wanted to thank residents for taking the time to vote during this busy holiday season.

Back in October, when the issue was put on the December 8 ballot, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover said the estimated income from the tax would be about $10.6 million.

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