Halloween masks predict elections?

Halloween masks predict elections?

Getting playful with politics. The presidential election is less than six weeks away and employees at Spirit Halloween in the Great Northern Mall have been busy selling President Obama and Mitt Romney masks.

The manager of the store, Jim Finkelmeir says, "We're seeing a lot of people coming in trying on and having fun with them. They're posting video on YouTube, Facebook and having a blast."

Noah Sali is only seven years old and the masks are getting his attention. He pointed to the mask and said "Mitt Romney, he's the one who wants to be president."

Spirit Halloween says so far sixty four percent of the masks sold at their stores across the country are Obama. Customers can even scan a QR code on their phone and vote online on the stores website. Employees tell us sales of the masks have predicted the winner of the past four presidential elections.

Jane Platten the director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections tells us they are busy getting ready for the election. "Our phone lines have been burning up in the last few weeks we got about eighty five hundred calls about where do I register to vote? How do I register to vote? How do I get a vote by mail registration?"

As for Noah neither one of the candidates will get his vote when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. He's got something else in mind. " I think about being batman. You'd rather be batman instead? Yes."

You can go to www.SpiritHalloween.com/Vote to vote on the presidential masks.

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