Taking precautions can prevent house fires

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Fire officials are warning residents to take steps to prevent accidental house fires after another Shreveport home goes up in flames.

The Shreveport fire department responded to a house fire in the 4100 block of Joe Louis Street Tuesday morning. The fire was quickly put out, but heavy smoke damage ruined the interior of the home.

"I'm crying, I'm hurt, all of the above, but I still have my life," says the homeowner Bonita Shaw. Bonita and her Friend were in the home when it caught fire, but were able to escape after smelling smoke.

The fire was caused by electrical overheating. An air conditioning unit was improperly plugged into an extension cord. This is a common cause of house fires in the summer, and one of the many preventable causes of fires.

Other common causes, according to the Shreveport Fire department, are candles left burning and unattended stoves. Smoke detectors are also recommended as a method of preventing fatalities in house fires.

"You want one in every bedroom, and any hallway that is adjacent to a bedroom," says Chief Scott Wolverton with the Shreveport Fire department.

There have been 32 accidental house fires reported in Shreveport this year.

The Shreveport Fire Department does offer one free smoke detector for each household. For more information on the smoke detector program you can call 318-673-6740.

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