Exclusive: Winslow family reacts to Jackson guilty verdict

Exclusive: Winslow family reacts to Jackson guilty verdict

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It took a Caddo Parish jury just over an hour to reach two guilty verdicts against Eddie Jackson.  That jury found him guilty of 2nd degree kidnapping and simple arson in the disappearance of Tracy Winslow a year and a half ago.

Jackson could face a maximum of 55-years behind bars for those convictions.  And today,
(8/03/12), prosecutors hinted that he could face yet more criminal charges down the road, even if Winslow's body is still not found by then.  As for her family, they described the verdicts as a hollow victory.

Walking out of the Caddo Parish Courthouse in downtown Shreveport this Friday afternoon, relatives expressed mixed emotions about Jackson's guilty verdicts.  Felicia Holden-Starkes, Winslow's first cousin told us, "We're still without her.  The question still remains, where is Tracy?  And we're just praying one day that we will get the answers that we're looking for."

Fellow cousin Terressa Winslow thought she might have had a chance to get the truth out of Eddie Jackson, the man who lived with Tracy Winslow for 15-years, and mother to Jackson's three children.  "At one point, being that I'm related to him as well, I tried, you know, seeing if I would be able to reach out to him, you know, maybe go and visit him and talk to him and see if he would be able to give us anything.  But at this point, I don't think he's going to be willing to cooperate considering, you know, the verdict."

Prosecutors used Jackson's own cell phone records against him, describing his movements the last night Winslow would ever been seen.  They showed that Jackson was tracking Winslow that night up in Oil City in north Caddo Parish, back in late January 2011, texting and calling her as she tried to spend an evening with friends and a new boyfriend.

Even Jackson's defense attorney had little to argue with about those phone records.  "How are you going to attack an expert witness on cell phones so much, you know?  It's raw data and you just plug in what comes from the company and you got to deal with what's there," said Jackson's attorney Joe Clark.

That raw data showed that Jackson made a phone call near the site of Winslow's burned out car very early the next morning, not long before she was first reported missing.  Prosecutor Bill Edwards described that call as a critical piece of evidence.  "Came down and put him .35, .36 miles directly north of her vehicle and he never could explain why he was there."

Jackson's defense attorney, Joe Clark, said his client will appeal those guilty verdicts, and do so with a different lawyer who can take a 'fresh look' at the case.  A sentencing date is expected to be set during a court appearance next Wednesday, August 8th.

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