Ron Paul supporters take over Louisiana Republican Convention

More details: Ron Paul supporters take over GOP state convention
Published: Jun. 3, 2012 at 12:18 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 16, 2012 at 8:18 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There was a major split at the Louisiana Republican State Convention Saturday in Shreveport.

The goal of the convention was to elect 30 delegates to represent the state at the national convention in August.

Ron Paul supporters took over with what they call the majority convention, and elected its own set of delegates to represent the party in Tampa in August.

Henry Hereford was chosen as a committee chairman by the new majority in the convention. he was injured when being taken out by security.

"It's certainly not about me," Hereford says. "It's about all of us It's about Ron Paul. It's about liberty. It's about the constitution."

"They {the state convention} followed the convention under their new rules that were not democratically created," adds Ron Paul supporter Chris Hand. "So we followed the rules of the Republican Party. They did not."

"Some of the things that went on in the meetings were out of order and we felt they were unfair," majority chairman Connie Bernard tells us. "So we duly elected a new chairman in the committees yesterday and revised the rules and we presented revised rules this morning and adopted the revised rules."

Most of the people in this group support Ron Paul.

"We came together today because we wanted to ensure that there was a fair process and that everyone had a voice," says Bernard.

However, Jeff Giles, with state convention's Credentials Committee, says the rules were simply tightened to be fair to the delegates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum won during the primaries.

"It became apparent that the integrity of those delegates that were allocated to Romney and Santorum for doing so well in that primary were potentially going to be stolen.  You run as a Santorum delegate or as a Romney delegate and go to the convention and vote for Ron Paul. They're doing it all over the country," Giles says.

Paul won four of the six caucuses, but only got about six percent of the votes in the primary. Giles says his caucus success was noted and his delegates were fairly chosen based on that. He believes this takeover is out of order.

"There was a way for them to get control of the delegation. A clear and simple way. Win all six districts. Get your caucus people out and win all six districts. They failed to do that."

The majority is not backing down. It says they'll go forward as the Republican voice of Louisiana at the national convention.

"I want the viewers to know that the Republican Party will be at peace with whatever happens in the future and that we will all come together as one unified whole and work together to support Republican candidates and conservative values for liberty and freedom for the country," Connie Bernard says.

The Republican National Convention will be held August 27-30 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

After all the primaries to this point, Mitt Romney has secured enough delegates to be the presumed presidential nominee.

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