LA DoE releases list of schools participating in voucher program

LA DoE releases list of schools participating in voucher program

BATON ROUGE, LA (KSLA) - The Louisiana Department of Education has released the list of schools participating in the new statewide voucher program that will pay for private school tuition with public tax dollars.

Several private schools in northwest Louisiana considered accepting the vouchers, but only three ended up opting on by the May 18 deadline.

Calvary Baptist Academy held several public meetings to consider taking part, but ultimately decided to hold off, citing concerns that there were still too many questions about the new program to make an educated decision in time for the deadline.

All three private schools participating in the program are in Caddo Parish.

Here is the breakdown of spots available among the participating private schools:

St. Joseph's has opened up 4 spots. (2 in 1st grade and 2 in 2nd grade)

Dreamkeepers Academy has opened up 4 spots (2 in 1st grade and 2 in 2nd grade)

Evangel Christian Academy has opened 80 spots:

Kindergarten- 20 spots
1st grade- 5
2nd grade-5
3rd grade- 5
4th grade- 5
5th grade- 0
6th grade- 0
7th grade- 10
8th grade- 10
9th grade- 10
10th grade- 5
11th grade- 5
12th grade- 0

Parents can now download applications here. They are due by June 29th.  Parents will find out if their child will get one of the scholarships by July 31st.

For more information on what families qualify click here.

Click here for a full list of Louisiana schools participating in the new voucher program.

Statewide, 124 schools decided to participate creating a total of 7,400 possible scholarships/vouchers to be given.  LDOE estimates 380,000 students are eligible for the program.

If more people apply to go to a school than there are spots, the students will be chosen by a lottery system.

LDOE says the average private school tuition they will pay through the program is $6,100.  The average cost to send a child to public school for the state is $8,500, so they hope to save about $2,400 per child who participates.

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