Salon owner taken into custody

Carmel Foster (Mug Shot from Previous Arrest). Photo Source: Smith County Jail
Carmel Foster (Mug Shot from Previous Arrest). Photo Source: Smith County Jail

Released by The Tyler Police Department:

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Tyler beauty salon owner who is accused of giving East Texas women illegal breast enhancing injections in a back room, has been arrested.

Thursday afternoon, Harrison County Officials took 38-year old Carmel Mitchelle Foster into custody for practicing medicine without a license.

Authorities received a tip that Foster was at a house off Mitchell Road, north of Marshal. They followed up on that tip, found Foster and took her into custody.

Police say even though Foster is now in custody, their work is far from over.

"We have been in contact with some other subjects who have stated that they have had the procedure done on them," says Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

Those people tell police, they had breast and buttock enhancing injections done by Carmel Foster, the owner of Queen Divas salon in north Tyler.

"We're really asking these people to come forward and tell us their story, what they've gone through, what procedure was done on them, how much they were charged and so on," says Martin.

According to police, one of those procedures was performed on Sheena Bradford for $600.
She was admitted to a Longview hospital last week after getting the injections that police say took a critical toll on her health.

Now the FDA has sent a criminal investigator to join the investigation.

"So he came down, met with our investigator and obtained a sample from what we secured in a search warrant from the business as well as the hospital where the victim is," says Martin.

Police say when Foster was found, she simply surrendered.

"She was not hiding, she was not trying to evade officers, she gave herself up and turned herself in. She was taken into custody without incident,"  says Martin.

They say she'll later be transported back to Smith County where she faces felony charges.

Police say test results that can help determine what fluids were in the suspected injections can take up to a week to get back.

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