Heart Attack Cited in Death of Louisiana Tech Running Back Tyrone Duplessis

Duplessis dies of heart attack

[Information provided by Louisiana Tech Athletics]

RUSTON, La. (Feb. 13, 2012) – The family of Tyrone Duplessis released information concerning the former Louisiana Tech running back with a massive heart attack cited as the cause of death.

According to his father, George Duplessis, Jr., Tyrone completed a workout on Feb. 1 before returning to his off-campus apartment in Ruston. He spent the evening at dinner with his fiancée.

Early the next morning, Tyrone awake in distress, springing to a seated position in bed, pounded himself in the chest and fell backward, never to rise again. After 911 was called, emergency responders arrived at the scene, tried to revive the 21-year old and transported him to the hospital before 5 a.m. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

"(God) loaned him to me for 21 years," said George Duplessis Jr., who explained to the New Orleans Times-Picayune that Tyrone's autopsy results showed he had soft tissue on his heart, which led to the heart attack. "You can't question the Lord.

"They must have had a (football) game going on in heaven," he added, with a slight laugh. "Walter Payton must've gotten tired."

Toxicology reports came back negative with no drugs or alcohol found.

Tyrone was laid to rest in New Orleans last Saturday afternoon following a memorial service at L.B. Landry High School. A public memorial service was held on the Louisiana Tech University campus last Friday.