100s of fish die in Shreveport pond

Wednesday afternoon's storms came too late for 100s of fish at the Shreveport duck pond off of East Kings Highway.

Billy Braunig and his father went to the playground by the pond Wednesday morning ready to conquer the swing set and the slide, but when they got there, they ran into an unexpected problem.

"It's a yucky smell," said the small child.

Hundreds of dead fish had floated to the surface of the near by duck pond, and ultimately, the stench conquered them.

"It certainly put a bit of a damper. We probably won't stay as long as we would of, on account of the smell," said Gilbert Braunig.

Shreveport Parks and Recreation crews covered their noses as they scooped the fish into trash bags and hauled them off in dumpsters.

"I didn't even know there were fish in here, really, but it seems like there was quite a few," said SPAR Senior Crew Chief, Tim Blake.

SPAR workers say because of the drought the water level has gotten extremely low. They think that's what killed the fish."

"All the oxygen went out of the water, and the fish died. Now, we're trying to clean it up," said Blake.

City workers say they were at the pond just a few days ago and saw only a few dead fish, so they were surprised to find so many Wednesday morning. They don't think there's a health hazard, but they also wouldn't risk it.

"I wouldn't recommend going in the water," said Blake with a laugh.

City crews will keep an eye on the duck pond in case any more fish die there.

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