Alleged murderer released on house arrest

Brian 'Butch' Bays (Source: Claiborne Parish Police Jury)
Brian 'Butch' Bays (Source: Claiborne Parish Police Jury)
Hardy Taylor, 19 (Source: Claiborne Parish Sheriff's Office)
Hardy Taylor, 19 (Source: Claiborne Parish Sheriff's Office)
Donte Fielding, 19 (Source: Claiborne Parish Sheriff's Office)
Donte Fielding, 19 (Source: Claiborne Parish Sheriff's Office)

CLAIBORNE PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Nearly six months after Butch Bays was shot at his Summerfield, LA store, one of the men accused of his murder, is out of jail.

Hardy Taylor, charged with 1st degree murder, is now under house arrest. The house arrest is due to a very rare immune disorder. Taylor's doctor tells the police jury in Claiborne Parish only five people in the United States have the disease. His mother and current guardian explained the disease to KSLA News 12 Wednesday.

"Some enzymes are missing out of his blood that fight infection and without the medicine he was on, he wouldn't be able to live," said Betty Buggs, Taylor's mother.

His medicine is very expensive. According to court documents, it would cost the Claiborne Parish police jury $90 thousand a month to hold him.

"If he did not go to trial for a full year, his medical costs could exceed a million dollars," said Dwayne Woodard, Secretary-Treasurer of the police jury.

According to Woodard, the police jury's entire yearly budget is around 6 million. That budget provides for all of the maintenance in the parish.

Taylor's alleged victim, Butch Bays was himself a member of the police jury. Woodard says Bays was a staunch fiscal conservative when he helped to make decisions for the parish.

"He would have been one of the first ones to say get him out of our care and quite costing the taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money."

Bays' family didn't want to talk on camera, but say they think he would approve. As for Taylor's family, even though the alleged killer is home, they know their struggle isn't over.

"I pray to the Lord every night, look to the Lord above, that he'll get him through this so that he can come home forever," Buggs said.

Taylor's medical bills will now be paid for through Medicaid. Medicaid has covered the cost of his treatment since he was an infant, but does not cover him while he's incarcerated.

19-year-old Donte Fielding is also charged with 1st degree murder in the case.  He remains in jail.

Click the link to the right to see the court documents that outline the full conditions of the house arrest.


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