Gas prices continue to frustrate Ark-La-Tex drivers

By Tracy Clemons - bio|email

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA)- There will likely be fewer people hitting the roads for their traditional Easter weekend road trips.

The national average of regular gas per gallon is $3.85. We're doing a little better in the Ark-La-Tex.

Louisiana's average is $3.70. It's $3.69 in Arkansas, and $3.76 in Texas.

"Gas prices are crazy. I don't understand why," says Pamela Harris.

Harris says she and her fiance are staying close to home for Easter. She tells me the high gas prices have changed their lifestyle.

"We try not to go out to eat as much. We try to cook at home. Stay at home a lot more. You can't go out to the movies or anything like that. You just stay at home and do Netflix."

Harris is not alone.

Nadarian Clark says she's had to cancel her Easter weekend plans.

"I wanted to go back to Arkansas for Easter with the family, but I can't really. Got rent, bills, gas...Gas is really just too high."


We talked to John Tyler at the Raceway on Old Minden Road in Bossier City on his way from D

Dallas to Mississippi. He says this trip usually costs him about $200 on gas.

"This trip here is going to cost me at least $450 on just gas."

Nadarian Clark tells KSLA News 12 she's cut back on more than just traveling.

"I just got paid today, and I want to go shopping, but I can't because I gotta put some gas in my car."

Pamela Harris says she tries to find a silver-lining in these steadily up-creeping prices.

"It does cause you to hold your purse straps a little bit tighter. That's good for saving, but if you're putting it in your gas tank, it's not so much going into your pocket. It's going into your car."

You can always check gas prices in the Ark-La-Tex on KSLA News 12's Gas Gauge.

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