Rooster statue, a random act

Updated: Mar. 2, 2011 at 10:36 PM CST
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Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- A nine-foot-tall statue of a rooster stands at the corner of Hope and Texas Street.

"I really enjoy it," says one driver.

Seemingly daring you to ask the question "Why is the chicken there? That's a good question."

The answer is just as good.

"Just for conversation, attract attention here."

The proud owner, Jack Lamb says he didn't really have a good reason, but he did have a goal.

"Often I'll just park over here and I'll watch people, kids will wave at it," says Jack.

An egg's recent appearance raises another question, some might say age old.

"Well the chicken came first, I have no idea where the egg came from."

But did Jack's wife ok his purshase?

He answers:"Absolutely not. She thinks I'm crazy."

Crazy or not, the corner went from nondescript to a remarkable satellite image from Google maps.

And it's now part of a GPS tracking craze played at where GPS enthusiasts find the rooster, then locate this capsule hidden nearby, and sign the tiny scroll of paper inside.

"They can do whatever they want to as long as they don't vandalize it,"

Jack had never even heard of But he is happy to know that it's participants use his giant rooster as a reference. So he's achieved his goal, and some might argue he's achieved it on a global level.

Do something that's fun, just for the heck of it, don't have any logic to it, just do it.

I think you have lead by example on that.

"Well, when you get my age you gotta do a little something for thrills."

It stands here for absolutely no purpose, but it doesn't necessarily stand for nothing.

At the corner of Hope and Texas, you know, where the big chicken is.

Lamb, who owns several properties in the area says he's heard that the area will soon be an entertainment district, and he wouldn't mind his display, which he doesn't consider art, to be a starting point.

He says don't be surprised if other unique items pop up on that corner as well.