Update on Bayou Dorcheat in Webster Parish

Monday evening update on Bayou Dorcheat from the Webster Parish Sheriff's office
Lake Bistineau is predicted to rise further than expected, coming to 147.5', just 3" below all time recorded level.  Due to flooding downstream the recession of the water is not predicted to occur quickly. Residents are STRONGLY URGED to relocate temporarily to avoid endangerment and/or inconveniences.  Road closures remain the same, with MAJOR flooding to nearly all access roads to Lake Bistineau in Webster.  Areas are restricted to residents only.

Several calls for financial assistance for loss, cleanup, damages, etc. have been made.  Officials advise that such services are not available for such incidents; however if information is obtained otherwise local media will be notified immediately.

"We're so sorry for individuals with homes and businesses around the Lake and bayou that are flooding," said WPOHSEP Director John Stanley.  "Unfortunately, though, a state and/or parish emergency does not secure financial assistance for property owners.  Our offices will continue to check into potential options for further assistance and if we find anything that may be beneficial to our residents we will absolutely pass that on."

Stanley added that the American Red Cross is available for provision of clean up kits and other items that may be helpful to residents facing damage in this flood event.

Lake Bistineau is expected to crest sometime Thursday, and until that time officials will closely monitor conditions, address needs and concerns of residents and respond to any requests for emergency needs. "Until then, though, we won't know the complete footprint and final impact this flood event will have on us here in Webster," concluded Stanley.