Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 12:00 PM CDT

- New name reflects long-term strategy of offering a portfolio of products - from sausage to dumplings and pizza toppings

- Proprietary Sensomics Platform informs how to efficiently and effectively formulate with ingredient stack that can deliver a range of new products in its innovation pipeline

- New Age Eats' new facility opening is targeted for Fall 2022 with production slated for 2023 pending regulatory approval

-    Industry Sustainability & Supply Chain Leader, Greg Belt (Founder & CEO of Evergrain), joins Advisory Board

BERKELEY, Calif., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, New Age Meats, a leading hybrid plant-based and cultivated meat food-tech company with a focus on pork, becomes New Age Eats. The change supports the company's evolution from product-technology to consumer food company that aims to futureproof the joy of food, starting with the joy of pig.

Source: New Age Eats Logo
Source: New Age Eats Logo(PRNewswire)

Leading that evolution is Chief Marketing Officer, Kati Karottki, who joined the company after it raised its Series A last year and brings 15 years of experience including time at Kraft Heinz, Ocean Spray and food-tech start-ups Meati and Tovala.

"Kati's background in marketing and innovation with category leading brands combined with experience helping food-tech start-ups navigate early stages is why she is here: to help us evolve as efficiently as possible from deep tech to deep consumer. This critically accelerates our ability to scale in market when ready and achieve our ultimate mission of futureproofing the joy of food," said Spears.

"When it comes to brands and innovation, it's either working with something familiar and conveying what's new and better, or, working with something new and better and conveying what's familiar. With New Age Eats it's the latter," said Kati. "The consumer is the demand driver so it's important to bring a strong underlying consumer-led insight into the fold that can work hard for the business on a category level, not just on the first go-to-market product level. In the case of New Age Eats, it's the joy that pork brings to our favorite dishes and mealtimes with family and friends as well as celebrating the joy pigs might feel for their newfound role in the New Age of pork production." Chicago-based Scott&Victor served as the brand agency behind the creative strategy.

While build-out continues on the 23,000 SF pilot plant facility in Alameda, Calif. and the team works closely with agencies to gain regulatory approval, New Age Eats will build its brand in a way that can resonate with everyday meat eaters. In addition, its product development continues, grounded in deep sensory insights via its Sensomics Platform, the company's proprietary "CPU" led by New Age Eats' Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Alex Rajangam.

Along with the company's brand refresh and continued progress on product development and facility build-out, industry leader, Greg Belt, Founder and CEO of Evergrain and long-time Supply Chain, Innovation and Sustainability executive with AB InBev, joins the company as an Advisory Board Member.

"Greg's unique background operating and executing at global scale, combined with experience in alternative proteins as he builds and scales Evergrain, lends to strong counsel and advisory as we move forward to the next phase of New Age Eats," said Spears.  "We're thrilled to have him join us on this journey."

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Source: New Age Eats
Source: New Age Eats(PRNewswire)

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SOURCE New Age Eats

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