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Get a great TV deal ahead of the ‘Big Game’

People are buying bigger and better televisions ahead of the Super Bowl weekend.

  Christmas store hours for popular retailers

YOUR MONEY: Research store return and exchange policies before buying holiday gifts

Real estate experts warn home buyers not to skip out on inspections

  Gift ideas for a budget or those working from home

YOUR MONEY: Ways to save money while shopping Black Friday 2020

  SPROUT: A holiday gift that will grow on you

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  Ways to navigate Black Friday

Three ways to save and safely see family this Thanksgiving

YOUR MONEY: BBB shares warning about scammers targeting virtual holiday shoppers

How to get the best Walmart Black Friday 2020 deals

State schedules sales tax holiday for Friday, Saturday

Election Day deals

YOUR MONEY: Five best things to buy in October

If you missed out on Amazon Prime Day or other big deal days, there are other ways to save money while shopping in October.

  Consignment sales offer options for holiday season shopping

Consignment shopping could help parents during holiday shopping.

Build up your credit from scratch with these tips

It’s easy to think being completely debt-free is great, but financial experts say some debt is good debt.

Amazon to kick off holiday shopping with October Prime Day

The company said Monday that it will hold its annual Prime Day sales event over two days in October.

  Website offers college students classes for $1 a year

How to make a debt-free switch to cashless payments

Louisiana Workforce Commission breaks down some confusion about Lost Wages Assistance benefits

YOUR MONEY: The dos and don’ts of building up a good credit score

If doing less means saving more, try these 5 money moves

  Arkansas holds sales tax holiday this weekend

  Ways to save on school supplies this Fall

Parents could pay up to $100 more for supplies this year due to technology additions to the supply list. Here are ways to trim your budget for Back to School.

  Take steps now to save money past the pandemic

Many people have proven they have been able to save money despite drastic cuts to their income during COVID. These are ways to keep those money saving trends after the pandemic is over.

Free gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

If you want to get something for Dad for Father's Day but have a limited budget, there's a way to honor him with some great gifts at no cost to you.

Consignment sale makes changes due to COVID, opens Sunday

Parents looking to spend smarter and save on kids clothes and baby items have an option, with a popular consignment sale coming back after it postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ways to cut costs on rising prices at the grocery store

Prices on certain products have climbed at the grocery store. There are ways to trim those prices when you budget your purchases.

  Here are the best ways to teach kids about managing money

As summer approaches and kids want more spending money, here are some ways to help them learn the value of money and how to manage their cash.

  Memorial Day sales look different during pandemic

Stores will have to allow for social distancing, other safety measures

NerdWallet: 5 money goals if you’re still employed during COVID-19

Those fortunate enough to have financial stability now can use this time of social distancing to focus on their fiscal health and emerge from this economic crisis in better shape than they went into it.

  Free resources to entertain yourself while staying home

There are a number of free options, from TV to kids educational websites, that can entertain the entire family while under stay at home orders.

  Resources for paying bills during COVID-19 pandemic

If you can't afford to pay your mortgage, rent or bills during May there are options you can take advantage of to make sure you can stay in your home.

Paper stimulus checks expected to arrive in mailboxes soon

Five million paper checks are expected to be coming in the mail this week as the IRS announced it could take four months to get everyone a paper payment.

Price gouging targets online shoppers during coronavirus outbreak

Shoppers see sharp increase in price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic.

80 million Americans receive stimulus check

Did you get your stimulus payment yet?

  Spending Smarter: Phone carriers waive fees amid COVID-19 pandemic

Cell phone carriers announced it would waive certain fees to help people struggling to pay bills during the COVID-19 outbreak.

La. treasurer sends out checks for unclaimed property

Louisiana residents who have unclaimed property can expect to see checks in the mail in the coming days.

  Qualifying for unemployment due to coronavirus

There are expanded qualifications for unemployment benefits for people who have lost a job due to coronavirus.

Ways to tell if you qualify for a stimulus check

The government will look at your adjusted gross income and your tax returns to determine if you qualify for a stimulus check.

Steps to stretch your dollar at the grocery store

An LSU AgCenter dietitian suggests several ways to stretch your dollar to put food on the table.

Free workouts offered to stay healthy with gym closures

Several fitness organizations started offering free workouts and trial options while many of the Arklatex gyms are closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Businesses hiring during Coronavirus pandemic

Several companies announce they will be adding additional jobs due to demand from the coronavirus outbreak.

  Cutting insurance costs for Louisiana drivers

Louisiana has one of the highest insurance rates in the country. Here are some simple ways to lower your costs.

  How to get a refund for canceled trips due to Coronavirus

Here are some ways to see if you can get a refund for cancelling plans due to coronavirus.

  Pilot program offers 9 prescription drugs for free in LA

The offer is for a limited time and requires a Sam’s Club Plus membership

Top gifts for her on Valentine’s Day

CNET.com released this year's best gifts for "her" for Valentine's Day.

  Banks that pay you to open checking or savings accounts

Here's a look at banks that offer you a bonus to open a checking or savings account in the new year.

  One simple concept to knock down debt

Try this one simple concept to knock down your debt.

Things to consider when filing your taxes

There are many documents you need to consider when filing your taxes, regardless if you file yourself or with a professional.

  Four ways to save money in 2020

If your New Year's resolution is to save money in 2020 — take a look at these tips and tricks.

3 ways to cut hot water use, save on your utility bill

As the temperatures continue to drop this winter, chances are your bills will get higher and higher. If you want to save on your utility bill, cut your hot water use.

Educational toy ideas for kids

Here are some toy ideas that are fun for kids but educational which parents love.

  Practical ways to give a gift card this holiday

Here are practical ways to give a gift card that make them better than most gifts under the tree.

  These tips could help you avoid falling victim to fraud or a scam

The holidays are a time of giving. Unfortunately, it's also the time when crooks and scam artists come out in droves.

Best online deals in the final days before Christmas

Christmas is two weeks away and many shoppers are scrambling to get their shopping list finished.

  Four reasons to give on Giving Tuesday

Perhaps the perfect gift you could give your loved one could be a gift to those in need

  Gift ideas for the traveler in the family

There's hard to buy for family members on everyone's list — here are a few ideas on what to get that loved one that's a traveler.

Best gifts for dad this holiday season

Most dads seem to have everything.

Gift ideas for your hard to buy for family member

It’s Thanksgiving week and that means right behind it comes one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

  Grocery ads to help you save on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner can get expensive especially if you’re planning for dozens of family members or guests.

Three ways to maximize Black Friday savings

Here are three ways to make sure you get the most out of your money during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  Stores, shoppers turn their attention to the holidays

While many still are nibbling on the remnants of Halloween candy, some are turning their attention toward the holidays

  Ruling could mean nearly $400 per water customer

Attorney says Shreveport still is overbilling and he’ll seek an injunction to get the city to stop that practice

Alternative to traditional health care gives patients options

That’s part of the reason for a surge in a new kind of care that could save patients hundreds of dollars — it’s called direct primary care.

Budget tool helps you save money for holidays

It’s estimated Americans will spend more than $1,000 during the holiday season.

  Taxpayers say repeat work fuels perception of waste

With so much money being spent on construction projects in Shreveport, some people are watching out for potential government waste

  Consignment sales offer discounted options for parents

Consignment shopping can be one of the best ways to stock up on fall and winter clothes.

SMILE! Low-cost dental care across the Ark-La-Tex

The ArkLaTex is home to a few low-cost or no-cost dental clinics

  Rewarding kids without using money

It’s a debate many parents consider every day — whether or not to implement a reward system for a child’s good behavior.

  Bossier Schools explain free/ reduced lunch, CEP programs

This school year, Bossier Parish Schools is stepping to help students with a free and reduced lunch program, along with the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program.

  Cutting costs on fall youth sports teams

As kids return to school — fall also marks the return of youth sports.

  Cutting costs for college students

Sending your college-aged child back to school can be three times as expensive as sending school-aged students into the classroom.

Who’s hiring across the ArkLaTex

ArkLaTex Job Alerts!

Spending Smarter: DIY Back-to-School supplies

Get the kids ready to head back to school with these easy DIY ideas.

Ways to take advantage of Texas tax free weekend

When parents think of Back to School often times the first thing on their list is supplies or clothing — but stocking up on things your child needs throughout the entire school year could save you money — if you do it now.

  Easy ways to find deals on back to school shopping

This time of year can put a strain on your pocket book with Back to School expenses.

8 ways to avoid going into debt while back-to-school shopping

Here are 10 essentials and 10 non-essentials; buy one, avoid the other

  We went school supplies shopping at 3 different stores. Here’s how they compare

We want to help you save as much money as possible so we did some comparison shopping for you.

How to spend smarter on school supplies

The National Retail Federation says parents will spend more than ever on school supplies this year than ever before.

KSLA wants to help you save money and spend smarter

"Spending Smarter,"a new initiative focused on helping viewers save money, will be led by Adria Goins.