Costly Care: Medicare charged hundreds more than drug’s cost at cash value

A man noticed his insurance paid all of one medication, but then he discovered the federal government was billed hundreds more than market value.

  Man who shot Bossier City mother, daughter pleads guilty to 2 counts of manslaughter

  Children’s Miracle Network names ArkLaTex hospital’s ‘champion’

  ‘I’m doing a good thing:’ Bossier School District honors Plain Dealing custodian with Gold Star for his kindness

  ‘I didn’t care if I lived or not’: sexual assault survivor speaks out

  ETX mother with very rare disease hopes to find kidney donor

  KSLA Salutes: BPSO Deputy splits time with the National Guard

Continued Coverage

  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Family, friends reflect on the past year without fallen SPD Officer Chatéri Payne

More than 1,000 kindergartners were suspended from school in Louisiana last school year, experts warn of detrimental consequences

  KSLA documentary reveals alarming disparities in school discipline in Louisiana

  Bossier City jailer among 11 arrested on prostitution charges

  LSU Tigers arrive in Atlanta for SEC championship game

College football analysts call LSU vs Alabama ‘different’ this time around

  KSLA hosted final Louisiana gubernatorial debate

The final debate before the Louisiana gubernatorial primary gave voters their last look at the three candidates together

  Northwest Louisiana Cajun Navy deploys to South Louisiana

Four men with the Cajun Navy of Northwest Louisiana are making their way down to Lafayette, LA.

  Trail Of Hope - The Struggle To Vote

The Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution declares “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

  Trail Of Hope - The Struggle For Equality

At the dawn of the 20th century, America is a racially divided country.

  Trail Of Hope - The Journey To Equality

  Captain Shreve High School remembers fallen SPD Officer, Chatéri Payne

  Texarkana police officials react to shooting death of SPD officer

  Shreveport police identify officer killed in shooting; suspect sought

Shreveport police hold news conference after officer’s death

  Shreveport officer killed in shooting

2009 Bossier Parish Flooding Revisited, Levee Upgrade

Storm after storm came through the ArkLaTex in October of 2009, culminating with a series of storms on October 30th that threatened to cause catastrophic flood damage in Bossier Parish. At the time the

Steeple-Man Revisited

October 29th, 2009, a series of severe storms spawned a tornado that knocked the steeple off United First Methodist Church in Downtown Shreveport. That 100 foot steeple landed on Michael Williams car,

Timothy Darnell Larry

Wanted for Criminal Attempted Capital Murder.

Donnie Ray Walters, Jr.

Captured October 22 in Kansas City.

Roger Loren Posey

Captured Sept. 30 in Dallas, TX.

Lee Ross Potter

Wanted for bank robbery.

Raymond N. Cambra

Wanted on 3 counts of bank fraud.

Huey Ray Bush

So far Huey ‘Ray' Bush has evaded the law for nearly five years, but recently authorities say he could be hiding out in the Ark-La-Tex.

KSLA News 12 Investigates: What would you do?

If you were being mugged, someone would immediately come to your rescue, right? What if you were having a heart attack? We wanted to know how people would react if they came across a stranger in distress or real danger.

New airline scanners open debate over privacy vs. security

New airport passengers scanners detect and show everything, including a person's private anatomy. That's stirring controversy among some passengers and the ACLU.

Texting: Slang all parents should know

There is a new language out there - one that is evolving and one that your child knows how to speak, but one you probably do not know how to translate.

Live blog replay on Segregated Classes

This is a replay of the comments made during our live blog on Shannon Royster's story about segregated classes in Lufkin, TX.

Alcohol & Energy Drinks: A Hidden Danger

It's the newest entry into the world of energy drinks, and it's being marketed to your teen before they can even legally consume it. Energy drink consumption has exploded since 2000, a 500 percent increase in sales alone. But just how safe are these products?

A Cheaper Way To Make Phone Calls

If you make a lot of calls from your home or business, you know how quickly your phone bill can add up. But now you can make local and long distance calls without getting a monthly bill.

Gas Mileage Experiment

Better gas mileage.  It's become the holy grail for millions of Americans searching for ways to save money at the gas pump.  In a KSLA News 12 alert, we conducted our own experiment on one possible idea to improve your mileage.

Know What To Shred

Old paperwork lying around your home can be a treasure trove to thieves. But you don't want to just toss those papers in the trash. Here are some guidelines on what and how to shred important papers.

KSLA News Investigates: Inmate Rehab Behind Bars At Caddo Correctional Center

The Bureau of Justice says two out of every three convicted criminals will commit another crime within three years of their release. A rehabilitation program at the Caddo Correctional Center helps keep inmates from going back to jail.

Drunkorexia: A Growing Problem

Swapping out a meal for a martini every once in a while may sound harmless enough, but experts say for many young women, it's becoming a habit that's downright dangerous.

KSLA News 12 Investigates Just How Safe Are Local Playgrounds?

It's one of the joys of being a child,going to your local playground to run around with dad, or build a sandcastle with mom. But some parents like Amanda Weisner know the playground isn't all fun and games.

Powerball Odds: Can You Win?

Millions of people try their luck on big lottery games like Powerball every week. So what are the odds that you'll choose the winning combinations?

Who's Texting Your Child?

Have you ever asked whether your kid has gotten an unwanted or inappropriate text message? There is a way to keep tabs on their cell phones, and find out who's texting your child.

Building Muscle: Does Creatine Measure Up

If you go to any gym, you will probably find people who use creatine when they work out. It's a body building supplement that claims to build muscle, fast. But we've got some advice for you before you open up your wallet to splurge on that next bottle.

KSLA Speedwords vs. Site Search

Speedwords are a new way to get to content on ksla.com faster and easier.

News Archive Transcripts

The news show transcripts can be found here.

Learn To Swim This Summer

These local organizations offer swimming lessons: Shreveport Parks and Recreation (SPAR): (318) 673-7727 The Swim School: (318) 222-7946 Killen's Kickers: (318) 747-1004

Illegal Immigration Becoming A Growing Problem In Greenwood

The ArkLaTex may be hundreds of miles from the mexican border, but it seems illegal immigration is an issue that's at our doorstep. And police in at least one local town are frustrated. Greenwood is

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Coretta Scott King, Widow of Martin Luther King, Has Died

ATLANTA (AP) - Coretta Scott King, who turned a life shattered by her husband's assassination into one devoted to enshrining his legacy of human rights and equality, has died, former mayor Andrew Young

Anti-Spyware Software

Chances are, your computer is infected with so-called "Spyware" and "AdWare".   Click here to find free software to detect and remove the unwanted programs.

Stanley Tookie Williams Has Been Executed

Convicted killer and Crips gang co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams has been executed. Williams was 51 and was put to death at San Quentin for murdering four people during two holdups 26 years ago. California's

Thanksgiving Day "Survivor" Episode is on the CBS web site

The Thanksgiving Day "Survivor" episode in on the CBS website... www.cbs.com .

Desoto Parish Lends Hand

Desoto Parish churches and organizations want to help feed and house evacuees in the parish. The Sheriff Office informed News 12 that they have plenty of room - and can handle at least 500 people or

Frozen Ground Beef Recall

Major frozen beef recall.

Space Shuttle Discovery Landing Delayed

The Space Shuttle Discovery landing scheduled for early morning, Monday, August 8th has been delayed. Bad weather in Florida caused NASA's mission control to postpone the landing until Tuesday morning.

Insurance Producer Faces Charges

A Caddo Parish insurance producer is arrested.

2004 Celebrity Deaths

Saying goodbye...a roll call of notables who died in 2004.  Courtesy of the Associated Press.

Witness on Wheels

Gasoline Prices

This link, listing current gasoline prices in Shreveport, also will take you to other cities in and out of the Ark-La-Tex.

Home Security Tips from Caddo Sheriff

Summer break is over and more homes are empty now that children have returned to school. Caddo sheriff’s detectives say burglars may be taking notice.

Encephalitis Death

A Bossier City man has died from a mosquito borne illness.

Live Grenades Found in Home

An unusual discovery forced police to close a street and evacuate some homes in a Texarkana neighborhood much of the morning.

Units Come from Across Country, for Special Training in Louisiana

From across the country, they come: military units called to service in Iraq, needing the specialized training only available at Louisiana's Fort Polk.   News 12's Katrina Webber has the story, in this streaming video report, available exclusively on KSLA.COM

A Credit Card That Really "Listens"

Engineers have come up with a high-tech way to protect your credit cards from identity theft and fraud.

Les Mis Coming to Strand

One of the world's most popular musicals, is coming to Shreveport's Strand Theatre.

Three People Contract Rabies from Organ Transplants; Doctors Say Donor Likely Contracted Rabies From Infected Bat

Donor's relative tells NEWS 12 the family "feels terrible" that others have died as a result of their loved one's illness.   Doctors say initial infection likely a result of infected bat.

News 12 Exclusive Coverage Leads to Arrests in Cab Driver Beating

   Shreveport Police have arrested three men and are searching for a fourth in connection with the robbery and beating of a taxi cab driver. 

No Federal Charges Against Police Officers

The U.S. Justice Department has completed its investigation of the March, 2003 shooting of Marquis Hudspeth, by Shreveport police officers who mistook a cell-phone, for a handgun. Justice Department

Councilman Again in Trouble With Ethics Board

Shreveport City Councilman Calvin Lester again finds himself in trouble with the state's ethics board

Lawyer For Murder Suspect Asks For Reduced Bail For Client

The lawyer for an accused killer in the Arklatex wants his client's bail reduced