SUSLA Shreveport campuses closed on June 27

Officials have announced that technical issues have closed all SUSLA campuses in Shreveport on Thursday, June 27.

LPB seeks independent short film submissions from LA filmmakers

The films submitted will be nominated for inclusion the eight annual PBS Online Film Festival.

  EDITORIAL: Fight against bullying can start at home

We have all heard tragic stories of how online or cyberbullying has grown in recent years. It leaves us all wondering what we can do. As with many issues, improvement can to start at home.

  EDITORIAL: Calling on those in need to find the Strength to Live

An important part of our KSLA Cares initiative is our partnership with Brentwood Hospital to continue the fight when it comes to awareness and prevention of suicide. Together, we are calling on all those in need to find the Strength to Live.

  EDITORIAL: Join us Aug. 25 to help White Out Cancer

It is hard to find anyone who has not been affected by cancer – whether it be a family member or friend. Together, we can all help bring hope to those who are fighting cancer.

  EDITORIAL: Please donate your gently used school uniforms

Many kids stay home or start school late because their families don't have the money to buy uniforms. However, you can help. Here's how.

  EDITORIAL: What will it take? And who needs to step up?

What do you think it is going to take to make our neighborhoods safer? And who do you think needs to step up to make it happen?

  Editorial: Celebrate Our Freedom

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress came to an agreement and approved the Declaration of Independence in a unanimous vote. But it took almost 100 years for Congress to declare July fourth a national holiday.

  EDITORIAL: InvestigateTV is dedicated to investigative journalism

InvestigateTV goes deep into the stories that matter most to viewers and will work to hold public officials accountable and deliver consumer-focused stories offering helpful tips to save you money.

EDITORIAL: We here at KSLA love to cover The Good Stuff

I have received many emails asking us to cover more positive stories on KSLA. I want you to know we have been listening. If you know of something good happening, email me. We love covering The Good Stuff.

  Editorial: Being prepared

June 1 was the official start of the hurricane season and while we don't typically see a great deal of activity until later, this is a good time to make sure you and your family are ready.

Editorial: School Walkouts

On Wednesday, one month since 17 people were gunned down in the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, survivors in Parkland joined tens of thousands of students across the country and walked out of their classes.

  EDITORIAL: We need to take back our streets as we improve them

I want to see us develop downtown and offer opportunities for more pedestrian traffic, jobs and business growth. But we must address the crime problem at the same time. We need to take back our streets as we improve them. What do you think is needed to see real change and growth?

Editorial: Hot Topics for Our Area

There is no shortage today of people telling all of us what is important. Whether it be national, statewide or local - opinions range widely on what we should think about an issue.

  Editorial: MLK Health Center and Pharmacy & KSLA Clinic Day

This week we sponsored a clinic at the MLK Health Center and Pharmacy.

  Editorial: Don't Litter

When it comes to littering. Are we are getting better or worse?

The Other Wise Man

In 1895, Henry van Dyke published a short novel titled The Other Wise Man. The story has its roots in the biblical account of the Magi from the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament.

Editorial: KSLA and other organizations collected funds for Hurricane Harvey victims

This week the KSLA team partnered with volunteers from The Warrior Network, the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, and John Harvey Toyota to collect monetary donations and cleaning supplies to help those who are working so hard to put their lives back together following Hurricane Harvey.

DirecTV not the only way to get KSLA news, weather, shows

We're proud to be your neighbor and serve the ArkLaTex. Unfortunately, that may not continue. DirecTV is about to drop us – and break that critical link to our viewers.

Editorial: American Cancer Society

It is hard to find anyone who has not been affected by cancer – whether it be a family member or friend. The mission of the American Cancer Society is to free the world from the pain and suffering of cancer.

MLK Heath Center supported solely by goodness of others

The MLK Health Center & Pharmacy is a nonprofit clinic that truly is a great service to our community.

  Editorial: Most support extra patrols but question if it will be enough

I asked for your thoughts on providing an extra $150,000 for overtime for Shreveport patrol officers. Most of you are in support of the increased patrols but question if it will be enough. Here are some of your responses.

Editorial: Stop the violence

Waiting until July 11 to approve measures that may save lives is not fast enough for me. Should the Shreveport City Council be able to move faster when the stakes are so high?

Editorial: Teach kids to swim

Many adults and children do not know how to swim. And this can be a danger.

Editorial: Proposal to increase Louisiana's gasoline tax raises concerns

Should we all pay more for what amounts to decades of neglect and poor planning? I think not. What do you think?

Editorial: Let's see if kids can guilt adults out of littering

It is most likely mature adults driving around tossing trash and dumping their garbage along the roads. Let's see if the kids can guilt them out of it.

Editorial: Taking back our streets

I would like to hear from you. What are your concerns or ideas for solutions to the violence in our neighborhoods?

Editorial: Have outside entity investigate LSP travel

State Police Supt. Col. Mike Edmonson needs to address this inexcusable behavior directly and restore the public's confidence. He should be fully transparent in his investigation into the matter and should invite an outside entity to look into the matter.

Editorial: Have a safe Carnival season

Be on the lookout for kids. They seem to dart out from everywhere. They are certainly not looking out for you; so please look out for them.

Editorial: Violence in Shreveport

It has been a violent time in the city of Shreveport with multiple shootings this past weekend alone.

Editorial: 'The Other Wise Man'

In 1895, Henry van Dyke published a short novel titled 'The Other Wise Man.'

Editorial: Shop local this holiday season

I would like to encourage everyone to support our local merchants. 

Editorial: Holiday Classic

The Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission, in conjunction with the Convention and Tourist Bureau, works to market our area as a destination for events like the Camping World Independence Bowl possible.

Editorial: Big bullies

The recent news that a Texas teen may have taken her own life because of cyber-bullying is a poignant reminder that bullies are out there.

Editorial: Coats for kids

The holiday season has officially started, and so has our annual Coats for Kids drive!

Editorial: Giving thanks

It's Thanksgiving week and we all know what that means. Seeing family and friends that we miss, preparing and enjoying great holiday dishes and giving thanks.

Editorial: House for Hope

In just one month someone is going to win the grand prize in the House for Hope Giveaway.

Editorial: Veterans Day remembrance

We owe our veterans and those who serve and have served our country so much.

Editorial: Voting Counts

In less than one week our country will go to the polls by the masses to elect our new president along with other statewide candidates.

Editorial: The Empty Chair

I would like to share a very powerful anti-drug message from Josh Johnson, a meteorologist with our sister station in Montgomery, Alabama

Editorial: Please Vote

As we enter the home stretch over the next couple weeks, let's not forget that the most important part is next – our part, our vote.