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Daily Report: Arkansas Dept. of Health monitoring COVID-19

Judge charges man who ‘confessed’ to killing 2 women

ADH reports increase in flu cases

Gov. on NEA: “You’ve got contrarians. I hope you have leaders who will say this is important to our hospitals.”

Northeast Arkansas continues to lead the state in new cases, and the highest growth rate

Arkansas reports 613 new COVID-19 cases, 17 deaths as state enters new week

Revisions made to long-term care COVID-19 directive in Arkansas

NE Arkansas has the highest growth rate in the past week

NE Arkansas has the highest growth rate in the state since Sept. 3

Gov: Jackson Co. has highest growth rate in the Northeast region

NYITCOM at A-State, local health units to receive antigen testing machines

After multiple days of 300+ cases, Friday spikes to over 1,100 new COVID cases in Ark.

Sheriff: State Medical Examiner says Sutherland died from multiple blunt force injuries

Gov. Hutchinson, state officials discuss COVID-19, schools and remote learning

ADH partners with Baptist Health to increase testing capacity as numbers stay steady for a 2nd day

Governor optimistic after “high-testing,” results in only 294 new COVID cases

GOV: Highest number of new COVID cases in 24-hour period reported in Ark.

GOV: 969 new COVID cases, 20 more deaths with 8 coming from Region 8 nursing home

GOV: “Craighead County needs work,” as 14-day rolling averages are announced

ADH reports 273 new COVID-19 cases

368 new COVID-19 cases reported in Arkansas

Governor preaches responsibility as the state ends the week on an “uptick” in new cases

ACHI to show active cases including students & faculty

21 deaths, 2nd highest amount of COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours

GOV: COVID deaths in Arkansas top 700 since March, as positive numbers stabilize

GOV: “The trend is promising...” as 7-day rolling avg. of positive tests goes below 8%

Ark. sees largest number of COVID deaths in 24 hours; 22 deaths for a total of 663 since March

New data sharing allows parents to see if child’s school districts are in a low/high-risk COVID area

Gov. reports 729 new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas

410 new coronavirus cases in Ark, 16 more hospitalizations and 16 more deaths