Angelia Allen

Anchor - KSLA
Shreveport, La.
Angelia Allen

Angelia Allen joined the KSLA team in March of 2023. A loving mother to Dominique and wife to George, Angelia and her husband moved to Louisiana from Rogers, Ark. after her husband was offered a position in Bossier. Angelia has only been in town six months, but she’s not new to Louisiana.

Angelia was born in West Monroe, where her father currently lives. When her husband was offered the opportunity in Bossier, it was a easy decision. Forever a daddy’s girl, she's excited to be closer to her father.

Angelia has had a very vibrant path in television journalism. She's a Clark Atlanta University graduate from Georgia with a degree in mass communications with a focus in radio TV and film; she has worked in all of these arenas. Her first taste of news was with “CSS Sports In The South" and “In The House,” a sports show on CNN with Ernie Johnson. During that time, she juggled her passion and fascination for Atlanta’s emerging movie and video scene, landing a director’s assistant job with the Brian Barber and FM Rocks. Angelia has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston to James Brown and countless other actors and entertainers.

In Los Angeles, working the news angles on investigative projects was a passion, but the bright lights of Louisiana kept calling and news began to take a side seat. Reporting from red carpets and shooting commercials and movies allowed Angelia to experience life on another level. Working behind the scenes in production created an entirely new set of opportunities, skills, and contacts. Moving from a production coordinator to a manager, she was able to also direct on several projects over 14 years and on more than 200 shoots. During that time, she would meet her husband.

After leaving Los Angeles (like many do… lol) with years of experience in the heavily competitive entertainment industry, she wanted to focus on social justice. She transitioned from working with major production companies by leveraging her knowledge, expertise, and continued education to make the leap towards the nonprofit sector and politics, with a focus on social justice and DEI initiatives. She teamed up with Mogul Media, a television streaming service that allowed her to quench her thirst for TV, where she was able to produce and develop shows. While getting the word out about elections and building community awareness, she was able to secure interviews with Georgia’s very own Stacey Abrams and Jacari Harris with the George Floyd Foundation.

This work led her to be a part of “The Conversation Summit,” which travels to major cities, bringing elected officials and community leaders along with the community together to talk about the importance of community involvement, development, and entrepreneurship during a two-day event.

In her heart, Angelia is an artist when she finds time; she’s painting and working on projects around the house. Her favorite artist is Alma Thomas. She enjoys listening to Thelonius Monk and Alexis Isley.

Her favorite book is anything by Octavia Butler.

  • Clark Atlanta University, bachelor of arts
  • Michigan State, DEI certification, 2021