Haughton High School’s Christian Turner is the Wendy’s Giant of the Week

The junior quarterback scored four touchdowns, and finished with 371 yards
Published: Nov. 2, 2023 at 12:31 AM CDT
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HAUGHTON, La. (KSLA) - Christian Turner was Haughton’s offense in their Week Nine win over Natchitoches Central.

“We wanted to go out and win this game, " says Turner, Haughton’s starting quarterback. “We haven’t had the best season. But, we’ve done really good this season.”

The Buccaneers junior quarterback threw for a pair of touchdowns, rushed for a pair of scores, along with being responsible for a couple of two-point conversions, to seal the team’s 36-35 comeback win. They only led in the final eight seconds of the contest.

“It was pretty important, " says Turner. “We went out there, just wanting to fight. Wanted to win another game before season’s end. [Jalen Lewis] really helped us out. 150 yards on Friday. It really helped us.”

“There’s always been a connection all year, " says Lewis, Haughton’s wide receiver. “We talk before games, talk before practice. Like, how we need to do this, how we need to do this before games. There’s been a connection all year.”

There’s a bond between Christian Turner, Jalen Lewis, and all the Bucs as the playoffs near, and Haughton looks to win their first state championship since 1977.

“It was my first year starting, just wanted to come out here and show people what I can do, " says Turner. “Just try my hardest and win as many games as we can.”

A bigger question, if Turner, who’s already committed to play baseball for the Arkansas Razorbacks will be a giant on the diamond or gridiron in the future.

“It’s tight, it’s tight, " says Turner. “I love both sports. I really love both of them. But, I don’t know yet. I’m going to have to think about that one.”