Texarkana unearths time capsule, starts collecting items to bury in another one

Published: Oct. 31, 2023 at 10:08 PM CDT
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TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) - Earlier in 2023, the twin cities of Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas unearthed a time capsule buried 50 years ago as part of the city’s sesquicentennial celebration.

Now, Texarkana leaders are preparing to bury another time capsule Dec. 8, and they need help from the community.

“We are collecting items to put in a time capsule to commemorate our sesquicentennial,” said Lisa Thompson, spokesperson for the TXK150 Committee.

The public is asked to submit items of general interest rather than items addressed to specific people or family members. Acceptable items include letters, photos, small trinkets and other items of public interest.

“This is a newspaper clipping. The Texas High homecoming queen gave us the program and the article in the Gazette the next day,” Thompson said, showing off an item for the time capsule.

The TXK150 Committee will make the final decision as to what items will be included in the time capsule. Thompson said they’re still seeking a location in downtown Texarkana to bury the time capsule, which will remain sealed underground for another 50 years.

“The planning committee always knew we wanted to bury a time capsule, but opening the one from 1973 really gave us motivation to get this done and we really want to make this special for the people who open it,” said Thompson.

Items for the time capsule may be dropped off at Texarkana Texas City Hall through Nov. 30.

“It is really important for us to leave a little something for the future, so we want our community 50 years from now, 100 years from now to know what it was like in 2023,” Thompson said.

There is no charge to donate items for the time capsule. Thompson said they hope the entire community participates.