Some Jolie Apartments residents complain about living conditions

Management says they can’t make needed improvements without the residents’ help
Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 11:50 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — It’s a common message we receive here at KSLA News 12.

Living conditions are bad at several apartment complexes in Shreveport. That includes complaints about Jolie Apartments.

KSLA’s Tamer Knight spoke with those residents, who didn’t mince words about where they live.

“It’s been hell living here. I wouldn’t advise living here.”

Several residents at Jolie Apartments expressed their frustrations as they claim living conditions have slowly declined.

“I’m getting out of my lease; I’m not staying here anymore.”

KSLA received a tip that Shreveport Property Standards was supposed to meet at the property Monday morning but never showed.

Residents tell us they are desperate for answers and help after mold, mildew and more.

— “My frustration with the Jolie Apartments is that they are really unprofessional. When I first moved in, I had no water in any part of the house. No water in the kitchen, no water in the bathroom, no water in the sinks at all.”

— “I haven’t had air conditioning the whole summer. And they neglect to pick up the trash; it accumulates.”

— “When i moved in, my bathroom it already had the bubble in the roof in the bathroom. And when it actually leaked and bust, you could see the mold in there. I called maintenance, they came and just patched it up with the mold still there. They used tape and like anything they could; and I told them I couldn’t just live there like this I have a baby.>

Residents said they have experienced constant changes in management over the past three years.

“You know, I enjoy living here and I like the location and everything. I’ve been under three different managements. I’ve been here for approximately three years.”

KSLA reached out to the current management, Ozark. They tell us they purchased this property at the end of May 2022. Since then, they claim, they have battled many issues that have come to their attention, all of which they unfortunately inherited and did not know about before they took over the property.

They go on to mention they have struggled with funding because some residents have not paid rent. Because of their constant battle to collect these payments, they are unable to make the repairs needed.

Ozark added that they can’t make these improvements without the residents’ help.