Like Father, Like Son: Bossier City father-son duo team up to help mom fight cancer

Kevin and Max Duhon help, Karen, fight one of life’s toughest tests
Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 10:55 PM CDT
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BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) - “I’m just trying to help my family because they’re in a different situation that no one else really does go through, " says Max Duhon.

Picture of Max and Karen Duhon
Picture of Max and Karen Duhon(KSLA)

Max is unlike any young child. The battle the Duhon family faces is different than others.

“Reality setting in for us, " says Kevin Duhon. “Learning about this very rate cancer and it being heartbreaking to know there’s no cure.”

“It was us against the world, " Kevin continues. “We were just living life. It kind of got stopped after that.”

In 2019, Karen Duhon was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, metastatic paraganglioma. This incidence happens in 90 per 400 million individuals.

Picture of Max and Karen Duhon
Picture of Max and Karen Duhon(KSLA)

“I see what she’s going through and it makes me want to help her have the courage to do what she needs, " says Max. “I try to ask Dad if I can pay rent with you guys.”

Karen was supposed to live for five years after the diagnosis. She’s currently in her sixth year fighting.

Doctors were telling us, ‘There’s no hope. Just live day-by-day, and we’re going to do our best to find a cure.’ It’s amazing to see her strength, because she’s missing pieces of her spine and the doctors are always saying ‘I don’t know how you’re still walking?’ The tumors had eaten away at two different parts of her spine.”

X-Ray of Karen Duhon showing cancer diagnosis
X-Ray of Karen Duhon showing cancer diagnosis(KSLA)

As a result from radiation, Karen Duhon was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer this year.

“Now she’s having problems producing platelets and blood normally as we would, " says Kevin. “So, had to go check it out. Come to find out that’s when she was diagnosed with a second cancer.”

With a desperate need for blood platelets and a cure, Karen’s love for Max and Kevin has kept her alive.

Picture of Max and Kevin Duhon
Picture of Max and Kevin Duhon(KSLA)

“The one who raised me, the one who gave everything. The one who made me food, and that did everything, " says Max.

As the Duhon family continues their fight, the one thing that’ll never be lost is their strong bond.

“To see her going and not losing that faith, there are times, you know, but she picks herself up and she doesn’t want to stop.”