Shreveporter to help Jamming Jupiters build wall for the space-themed big balloon build

“I felt the need to apply because I have a passion in my heart for kids”
Published: Jul. 9, 2023 at 9:46 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Crystal Tasby’s passion and creativity with balloons have landed her the opportunity to volunteer at the international big balloon build in mid-July in Greely, Colo.

“I felt the need to apply because I have a passion in my heart for kids. And kids, they don’t have a voice, so they need adults to be the voice for them.”

The Shreveport native and 75 other volunteers from throughout the United States were selected from among thousands of applicants to help build the larger-than-life, space-themed exhibit out of 125,000 balloons. Applicants were selected based on examples of their work and a written application.

“My team is called the Jamming Jupiters. And we’re going to be responsible for building the actual wall,” Tasby explained. “We’re going to cover the wall and we’re going to be building ... I know it’s a rainbow, it’s going to be a spinning wheel and I think it’s something dealing with ice cream because all kids love ice cream.”

All of the proceeds generated from the big balloon build will be donated to the Life Stories Child and Family Advocacy.

“It’s kind of similar to the Gingerbread House that’s here where the kids that’s been beaten or neglected, they kind of can go there,” Tasby said. “That’s an avenue they can use to get aid and guidance and the resources they need to get them healed from their pain and the things they’ve endured in their life.”

This year’s big balloon build will be the fourth time it has been held in the United States.