Fashion designer Stephen Goudeau surprises Shreveport students

Fashion designer Steven Goudeau paid a visit to Turner Elementary and Middle School.
Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 10:27 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - A Shreveport native and fashion designer is making an impact on the younger generation. What was supposed to be just a black history project for one student, turned into a surprise visit.

Fashion designer Steven Goudeau received the following message from a teacher at Turner Elementary and Middle School on March 6:

“Good evening, I’m a teacher in Caddo Parish. I teach Louisiana History, and every year I have my students do a Black history project. The person, place, or event must be from Louisiana, made a positive impact in the Black community, and students have to explain why they chose their topic and how their topic connects with their lives One of my students chose you. I just thought you’d like to know the impact you have on young people! I hope you’re able to see this.”

On April 20, Goudeau surprised students at the school.

Jaron, one of the students, chose Goudeau as the subject of a history project. Jaron’s teacher wanted the class to choose a person, place or event from Louisiana that’s making an impact on society. Jaron chose Goudeau, who’s been a part of several high-end fashion events, including New York Fashion Week.

“This is one of the biggest moments in my career right now. Someone to do a black history project, you know, on me. My goal is to inspire others. I know that you said that I inspired you, but I just want to let you know you inspire me even further. So I really appreciate that,” Goudeau expressed.

Jaron says meeting Goudeau inspired him to pursue his dreams in fashion.

Goudeau’s goal in the industry is to leave a strong, persevering stamp for people of color, of any sex, age, and background. He firmly believes, and wants others to understand, that Black Lives Do Matter and he wants the example of his life to leave footprints in the fashion world that help stamp out stereotypes of people of color being seen as subpar. You’ll often see on Steven’s social media the quote, “Black fashion designers do exist…” It’s a statement of truth for him, and other black designers worldwide, whether the world accepts it or not.