NAVY WEEK: What it takes to become a Blue Angel

Chief mass communications officer of the Blue Angels visits KSLA
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 8:26 AM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Chief Paul Archer visits KSLA’s studio to answer questions about the Blue Angels.

On March 24, the Chief Mass Communications Officer of the Blue Angels, Paul Archer visits KSLA to discuss the Blue Angels and give us insight into the group.

What does it take to become a Blue Angel?

“It’s a mix of aptitude and attitude, I would say you have to prove you are proficient at your job. You have to have a wonderful fleet experience. You have to interview with the team, show that you want to be there, and most importantly, and you gotta be a trusted teammate,” says Chief Archer. “Because we’re a family, we’re on the road, and everyone on the team is just a good-quality person and highly professional at their job.”

How fast does the aircraft go?

For the airshow, the Blue Angels go right under the speed of sound, around 700 miles per hour. They do not plan to break the sound barrier due to the homes in the area.

Why did you join the Navy?

“My grandfather was in the Navy in Vietnam, so there’s a little bit of family service. Also has a great-grandpa who served in World War two. Additionally, adventure and there are benefits you get from the Navy and opportunities.”

How often do the Blue Angels practice?

Almost every day during the week of the airshow, according to Chief Archer.

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