Bagley family attorney comments on lawsuit filed against officer who pulled trigger in deadly shooting

Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 3:28 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - On Feb. 3, Alonzo Bagley, 43, was shot and killed by a Shreveport police officer.

Bagley allegedly fled from police during a disturbance call to his apartment on the city’s north side. During the pursuit, SPD Officer Alexander Tyler shot Bagley once in the chest.

Louisiana State Police is investigating the deadly officer-involved shooting.

On Feb. 11, Bagley’s widow, mother, and stepdaughter filed a $10 million federal lawsuit claiming Officer Tyler used excessive force against Bagley, who, according to the suit, was unarmed with his hands up when Officer Tyler fired the fatal shot.

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, a lawyer representing the Bagley family, Ron Haley, spoke exclusively to KSLA Chief Investigative Reporter Stacey Cameron about the case. Speaking from his home in Baton Rouge, Haley spoke with KSLA in his first comments to the media since filing the suit Saturday.

[VIDEO: Family members of man fatally shot by SPD officer speak out]

Haley says the reason for the rush to file this case is to send a message. The Bagley family is demanding justice and wants answers as to why Officer Tyler shot Bagley outside his Shreveport apartment. Haley says Officer Tyler’s use of deadly force was excessive.

“We believe that Officer Alexander Tyler used excessive force and violated the civil rights of Alonzo Bagley, and causing his death. We also cited a wrongful death claim on behalf of his family and a survival action. The reason why we filed and just named Officer Tyler is in this incident is because the facts as we know them right now only relate to Officer Tyler,” Haley said.

Haley also says once footage from Officer Tyler’s body cam is viewed by himself and the family, and after he gets to review Officer Tyler’s personnel file to see if there is any history of alleged excessive force, he will likely add the City of Shreveport and the Shreveport Police Department as defendants in the suit.

Depending on how Officer Tyler was served notice of the Bagley family’s federal civil rights lawsuit, he will have between 20 and 60 days to get a lawyer and answer the claims in the suit.