Terry is still delivering a little slice of Heaven on Earth ... 99 days and counting

His extended family — the one in scrubs — dedicates CCU Room 1 in his honor
Terry Roberson passed away 2 years ago, so family and hospital staff came together to remember him.
Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 10:47 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Before his passing in 2021, Haughton’s Terry Roberson lived and loved — big.

He had a tremendous love for God and the people in his life.

And they included the many Willis-Knighton hospital staff members he came to know during his 99 days in ICU.

In the weeks after his death, KSLA News 12′s Doug Warner honored Terry on “The Good Stuff,” sharing all he did for them spiritually even while they fought daily to save his life.

Terry left the hospital on Greenwood Road in Shreveport after spending 99 days in first the COVID ICU and later the critical care unit where he was on an ECMO machine for 73 days. He then went to WK Rehabilitation Institute for physical and occupational therapy but, shortly after arriving, returned to the medical center where he eventually died.

On Wednesday, two years to the day since Terry lost his life, his extended family — the one in scrubs — unveiled a plaque dedicating Critical Care Unit Room 1 at Willis-Knighton in Terry’s honor.

“It’s exciting to have everyone together for such an occasion,” said Dana Roberson, Terry’s widow.

Exciting ... and a moment clearly expected to bring back a lot of emotional memories when the family of Terry Roberson began their walk down the hall of the critical care unit at Willis Knighton North.

“I want to welcome everyone and say how much it means to his family.”

They gathered outside Room Number 1 for a special remembrance for the man who never stopped believing.

“When you’re a believer and Jesus is in you, and when you get squeezed, Jesus comes out.”

Praying, the pastor says: “Guys, we stand here two years after we said goodbye to Terry and he stepped into Heaven.”

So now it’s two years to the day when Terry left critical care unit Room Number 1 for the last time.

“He ministered to all of the staff. Staff who were weary and felt defeated emotionally and spiritually.”

Terry’s extended family — the one in scrubs — wanted to give back to Terry’s family the same kind of love he’d shared with them.

“I’m going to ask Erin and Christy to unveil the plaque.”

A permanent remembrance just outside CCU Room Number 1.

“It says ‘Dedicated to the memory of Terry Dale Roberson’ ...”

“They meant so much to him.”

To honor the man who helped spiritually shape their lives even while he was hooked up to machines to try to save his life..

“When I think ‘I cannot connect with this patient, oh, not again,’ I hear him tell me ‘All right Hunny Bunny, here we go.’ It’s a lot. Today’s a lot.”

“When Terry got well, he wanted to talk to the people on ECMO and going through similar things. He’s not here to do that; but Allis is.”

Yes, an extended family that now includes Terry’s own family, his daughter Alli, the critical care unit’s newest nurse, who just started on this wing three days ago.

“To know the impact they had on us and Dad and how much they touched us. I wanted to do that for other people,” she said.

Terry is still delivering a little slice of Heaven on Earth ... 99 days and counting.