Shooting after shooting, teens either pulling triggers or finding themselves in crosshairs

It’s a concerning trend you’ve noticed as well
Published: Jan. 16, 2023 at 11:35 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 16, 2023 at 11:40 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — It no doubt has been a violent and deadly start to 2023 in the City of Shreveport.

KSLA News 12 has covered shootings in the city almost every day so far in the new year.

You’ve seen the crime scene video on our newscasts and our digital platforms.

A homicide on New Year’s Day.

Shootings outside a McDonald’s, by the airport.

And even a small child struck by a stray bullet.

But many times, what you won’t find in these news stories is the name of the person who pulled the trigger.

Because they’re underage.

Shooting after shooting, teens either pulling the trigger or finding themselves in the crosshairs.

It’s a concerning trend you’ve noticed as well.

Although people came out Monday, Jan. 16 to celebrate the MLK holiday, crime was a top concern for some after another violent weekend on the streets of Shreveport.

“I think it’s sad because they have so much future that’s ahead of them,” Shreveport resident Tyronica Bolds said.

On Saturday, Shreveport police arrested five juveniles ages 14-17 after a chase that led to a bad crash near Hollywood at Jewella avenues. One of the vehicles involved was taken during a carjacking the previous day.

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People say juvenile crime has to stop.

“All the kids are not going to be able to be kids,” said Jacqueline Mathews, of Shreveport. “They’re going to have to be grown-ups because it’s so much of crime that the kids are doing it’s like they’re grown-ups.”

Police said they found several weapons, including two AR rifles and three handguns, in the same car the five juveniles were in Saturday.

“It does not surprise me,” Bolds said. “This has been going on for many years. I do believe that it starts at home first. I think that if they can get that under control, then we can move forward.”

Some people said that police can only do so much and that the community has to step up if they want to see change.

“I think it starts at home and it takes a village to raise a kid,” Matthews said. “They need to go back to that. If all parents work together raising everybody’s kids instead of just their own, maybe we can get things better and get them back on track.”

Bolds added: “I think we can do better. Get the guns off the streets. We can put God first.”

Shreveport police said all of the juveniles involved Saturday were booked into Caddo Juvenile Detention Center. Each was charged with one count each of illegal possession of a stolen vehicle and juveniles in possession of handguns. The driver also was charged with one count each of hit-and-run driving and negligent injury.