Shreveport nonprofits partner to provide men with free suits & job opportunities

Published: Dec. 3, 2022 at 10:39 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Two nonprofits, Suits for Saints and Dress for Success Shreveport-Bossier, partnered up on Friday, Dec. 3 to help people look and feel good.

The organizations gave out suits, ties and dress shirts to men of all ages at Mt. Canaan Baptist Church.

“I looked in the closet one day and noticed I couldn’t fit them anymore because I lost so much weight. Sometimes we grow sentimental to our suits and our clothes, but I knew it was a time to get rid of them and bless others,” said Paul Pratt, co-founder of Suits for Saints.

Their aim is to set the men up for success.

“We want everybody in the community to feel great and feel embodied and to go out and feel successful in every walk of life,” said Erica McCain, executive director of Dress for Success.

In addition to fitting the men, they provided job opportunities and advice.

“We’ve partnered with Jean Simpson and we’ve partnered with Goodwill and we have some of their postings here,” said McCain.

She says she also wanted to cater to the younger group.

“Like many college students, when I graduated I didn’t have $100 to go spend on a suit. I didn’t know anything about Dress for Success so I really had to piece some stuff together.”

Pratt felt the event would help lead men who didn’t have a father figure growing up.

“Myself, I grew up in a single parent home, but I pride myself in growing up around people who are older than me. Today, we have deacons and we have people from the church here who are giving, not only guidance, but also inspiration for those that don’t have fathers in their home.”

The event ended with a prayer to send the men on their way.

“This whole event, again, is for the entire person. Not just to meet the physical need, but the spiritual need also,” said Pratt.

Both non-profits plan on holding events like these in the future.