Democrat governor candidate Chris Jones visits A-State

Published: Nov. 4, 2022 at 6:17 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With the general election less than a week away, candidates are trying to make their voices heard.

Democrat Chris Jones, who is running for Arkansas governor, made his stop to the region on Friday, Nov. 4, as part of his “Every Last Street Tour”.

His visit comes a day after Republican opponent Sarah Huckabee-Sanders also made a trip to Jonesboro.

Jones called Northeast Arkansas vital to the state’s potential, saying everything going on in the region is a microcosm of the rest of the state.

“It is also the lynchpin for what I believe is Arkansas’ ability to really go from the bottom to the top,” he explained. “If we can address the problems in the Delta like infrastructure and education alike then we open up the opportunity for the whole state.”

When it comes to the state’s surplus, Jones wants to save as much money as possible, but he added eliminating state income tax altogether is not realistic, stressing there are problems that need to be fixed first.

“We really want to make sure we keep as many dollars as possible in the pockets of Arkansans, and we want to effectivity, efficiently, and transparently use every dollar there is,” Jones said. “But to eliminate the income tax altogether because of a surplus? That just does not make sense.”

Jones believes education is one of the pillars of society, and he wants to make sure there is enough funding in the system to keep improving.

“If we begin to create the environment that is healthy for education and support the folks that are on the front line of education then I think we open up doors of possibility for all Arkansans,” Jones said.

Critics of Jones say he does have any political experience and are nervous that could be an issue down the road, but Jones stressed he is not alone in that category.

“Regardless of who we elect in this race and who becomes the next governor, it will be someone who has never been elected before,” he said.

Besides running against Sanders, Jones also faces Libertarian Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. in the governor race.

You can visit the Vote 2022 page for more information about this year’s election.