Prize Fest 2022 is a wrap

Competitions culminated with naming of Film Prize winner
Published: Oct. 23, 2022 at 10:09 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — About last weekend ...

And this one, too.

Prize Fest 2022 is now considered a wrap!

And it all began with bands performing in downtown Shreveport.

“It’s crazy to even be on the road with these musicians,” said Allisen Hinojosa, lead singer with Allisen and the Wy’s Guys.

And fashion models strutting their stuff down the catwalk a few blocks away.

It ended with heated culinary competition, cutthroat competing comics and ferocious films fatale.

“The leading actress actually burned her hand,” observed Brittany Willis, a Film Prize attendee.

The cherry on top or the much-needed come-down sedative was the awards brunch Sunday, Oct. 23 during which the grand prize Film Prize winner was announced.

“The grand prize winner of Film Prize 2022 is “They Grow Up So Fast!” announced Gregory Kallenberg, the Prize Foundation’s executive director.

But don’t forget the band who took home that musical cake.

“The grand prize winner of Music Prize 2022 is The American Hotel System!” Kallenberg announced.

And I have to give it up to the winner of Fashion Prize:

“The winner of the 2022 Fashion Prize goes to Sophia Omoro.” an announcer said.

The chefs who had the last word, or served the last plate rather, were local chef Sean Sullivan and celebrity chef Eppie Connolly.

And the comedian who told the last joke was Son Tran.

Whether you were attending on business time ...

“I’m here with ‘Emmanuel 9.’ I was the lead role. His name was Emmanuel Henderson,” said Film Prize actor Iroko Anyogu, of “Emmanuel 9.”

... Or simply enjoying all of what Prize Fest had to offer ...

“I just love that fact that everyone came together and had a good time,” said Aname Rose, a Music Prize singer.

... Enjoyment was inevitable across the board and in downtown Shreveport.

“I had a wonderful time,” Rose said. “And it’s definitely a weekend I won’t forget; that’s for sure.”

I joined in for quite a few of the events.

“The vibe here in downtown Shreveport (at) Film Prize 2022 is incredible. There are lots of people as you saw, food, fun, drinks,” KSLA’s Michael Barnes said.

And, man, did I have a Prize-worthy good time.

But until next year ...

Viva la

... Music Prize

... Fashion Prize

... Film Prize

... Food Prize

... Comedy Prize

Viva la Prize Fest