Gruesome murder trial in New Boston continues with evidence presented from Texas ranger who interviewed defendant

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 8:29 AM CDT
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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KSLA) - The murder trial of Taylor Parker continues in a Bowie County courtroom. Parker is accused of killing Reagan Hancock of New Boston, Texas and removing Hancock’s unborn child from her body.

Texas Ranger Joshua Mason spent most of the day Wednesday, Sept. 28 in the witness box. Mason was one of the investigators in the case and conducted interviews with the defendant shortly after Parker was arrested in Idabel, Okla. Portions of the recorded interviews were shared in court. In those interviews, Parker told investigators she went by Hancock’s home the morning of the murder and was concerned Hancock was having blackouts.


Parker said Hancock did not want her to leave. Parker said she and Hancock got in a fight and the two were punching each other. Parker said at Hancock’s request, she removed the unborn child with a scalpel. During the recorded interview, Mason told Parker the medical examiners found the scalpel broken off in Hancock’s neck. Parker claimed she did not remember stabbing her; she said when she left the house, Hancock was still alive. However, prosecutors said Hancock had more than 120 cuts and/or stab wounds on her body.

Parker said she stuck the umbilical in her pants to make it look like it was her baby. When asked why, Parker responded, “I wasn’t in my right mind. I was freaking out.”

Investigators told the court Parker had apparently been looking for a target before the day Hancock was murdered.