Donut King owner explains why she pulled gun, fired shot outside shop

Donut King owner explains why she pulled gun, fired shot outside shop
Donut King owner explains why she pulled gun, fired shot outside shop
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 10:14 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Donut King’s owner is speaking out after a photo of her went viral on social media of her with a gun outside her store.

7News shared the story of those she allegedly pointed the gun at, but now we bring you the owner’s story.

It all happened last Wednesday around 9 a.m. when a group of women pulled up to the Donut King on Hwy 14. The group claimed they were there to diffuse a conflict between two employees, one of which they are related to.

Now, the shop’s owner, Trudy Veillon, tells us what led her to pull out a gun.

“My morning did not start out right at all,” Veillon said.

Veillon said she just found out her mother was in the hospital, setting her nerves on edge, however she continued her work running the Donut King. Then while out on an errand, she got word it wasn’t business as usual at the shop.

“My other employee called telling me that the man employee was outside and women was getting on him,” she said.

When she arrived, Veillon said a group of former employees were arguing with a current employee outside.

“I would do anything for anyone of them employees and here for them to come there and disgrace my husband’s family’s business,” she said.

Veillon said a manager asked them to leave and when they didn’t she grabbed her gun.

“They was not going to move and she said ‘now get along’ and they did not move, their mouths just kept running and kept getting louder and louder and louder and I just fired my gun,” Veillon said.

While admitting to firing the weapon in the air, Veillon refutes claims that her finger remained on the trigger as she says she waved them to get off the property.

“No, I had my hand on my gun,” she said. “Shaking it, telling them, ‘come on, get off the lot.’ "

Veillon was issued a misdemeanor summons for firing a gun in city limits.

She said she understands the charge, but it’s the now-viral social media post that weighs on her.

“I did feel betrayed, I told their mother to please take that down. Please. I said that’s just drama,” Veillon said. “I wish the bullet came down and hit me in the brain and put me out of my misery because here i was wondering if my 80-year-old mother was going to make it through surgery and here they had to start this drama, this dumb drama.”

Lake Charles police said their investigation into this incident is not over yet.