Shreveport mayoral candidates focus on community issues at forum

Published: Sep. 17, 2022 at 8:52 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The community had another chance to hear from Shreveport’s mayoral candidates on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Allendale Strong, along with other Shreveport neighborhood associations, sponsored the forum that was focused on community issues.

”Allendale Strong believes in wise use of our infrastructure and the preservation of our neighborhoods. We asked questions on those three topics today for the candidates for mayor and we got a lot of good discussion going,” said Bill Robertson, member of Allendale Strong.

Robertson said the main topics addressed were planning, infrastructure and neighborhoods.

Candidates were asked how they will rebuild trust in the Allendale community and renew parts of the neighborhood.

LeVette Fuller

“The whole point of the HUD program was to give you integrated mixed income housing, but what they have set up is just more projects. It might start off nice and new right now but if we don’t look out for it and start changing some of the planning around what already exists. It won’t be any better than what it replaced.”

Tom Arceneaux

“To the extent that the people of Allendale feel that they’re left out. The most important thing a mayor can do is spend time and listen. Can’t always do what a neighborhood wants even if it’s your favorite neighborhood. But you can always listen and try to accommodate and include the desires of the people of the neighborhood.”

Tracy Mendels

“How do you rebuild trust in Allendale? You have to rebuild trust in the whole city cause there’s no hope in our city anymore. If there was more hope and respect in our city we wouldn’t have so much trash because people wouldn’t throw it out the window when they drive down the street.”

Another topic addressed was planning.

Julius Romano

“An era does not become a mistake unless we refuse to correct it. In order to correct the era we need to find it. We need to find it means transparency. Accountability.”

Lauren Ray Anderson

“We have a big apathy problem right now. It’s not a problem that can’t be solved, but it’s something that we definitely need to work on. So, that this information is obvious and accessible to everyone.”

Candidates were also asked what they’ve done in collaboration with neighborhood leaders to improve Shreveport’s quality of life.

Mario Chavez

“Last weekend we walked up Hollywood by the airport because other neighborhoods are seeing what we do in Southern Hills and they want that in their neighborhood and they call us and we show up to help them. I’m going to keep doing that for everybody.

Gregory Tarver

“I will always have an open door policy. Today, you can’t get to the mayor’s office. But in the future if I’m elected as your mayor you’ll be able to come see me. You’ll be able to call me and you will get an answer back.’

Darryl Ware II, Melvin Slack and current Mayor Adrian Perkins were the only candidates not in attendance.