Couple using book to help keep kids safe in classroom

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 6:13 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - One couple is trying to make sure children know how to protect themselves at a young age by giving them the building blocks to survive a deadly event.

Natalie and Steve Leslie wrote the ABCs of Surviving School Violence. Their goal is to tell children that they can stand up in these types of situations.

“If I am at school and this happens to me and someone breaks in and tries to hurt us, here is what we can do,” Steve said. “We don’t just have to hide and sit there and cry. We can think how we can survive, how can we get out of this.”

The couple, who are both professors at Arkansas State University, also has two kids, making the topic hit closer to home.

The Leslie’s wrote the picture book back in 2009. It follows along with the alphabet, teaching students different skills of how to handle a life-threatening situation.

“My favorite page says, ‘Help others around you and be very kind’. We want our kids to know empathy is very important,” Natalie said.

The book is made in a style that appeals to children, as that is the right time to get the information across, according to Steve.

“From children in preschool up to third grade, they are so impressionable,” he said. “This is a point we can actually get them to rethink how they see the world and see their survival.”

The couple hopes to get the book in schools and libraries around the area and, more importantly, in the hands of every young student.

You can find more information on the ABCs of Surviving School Violence by clicking here.

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