Teacher shares tips to decorate, supply classroom on a budget

School supply costs are on the rise along it other items as inflation is on the rise.
School supply costs are on the rise along it other items as inflation is on the rise.(WEEK)
Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 10:54 AM CDT
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BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) - Bellaire Elementary teacher Jan Rogers has years of experience when it comes to shopping on a tight budget to decorate and supply a classroom.

She says it takes more than the public realizes: a combination of grants from the school, national organizations, local businesses and people, and of course, the teacher’s own pocket.

“I’m very grateful for the $100 grant that Bossier Parish provides us to furnish our classrooms. That’s a great start to get us going for the year.”

Rogers goes on to say that there are so many things that teachers have to provide on their own, that inevitably end up coming out of pocket. Supplies like printer ink, card stock, notepads, signage, dry-erase markers, extra pencils, and more come from dedicated teachers who are determined to create an encouraging and functional environment for the children in their classrooms.

But how can teachers afford to do it all? Here are a few tips that Rogers abides by:

  • Make sure you’re buying things you can use for more than one year
  • Try to go to garage sales and find items from other teachers
  • Make things on your own! Rogers said that her husband was able to build most of the furniture for her room
  • Get other teachers to go in with you and buy in bulk to cut the cost and maximize supplies
  • Share your Amazon wish list, and be shameless when it comes to posting on social and asking for donations
  • Comparison shop and check the sales papers for coupons and for the best deals
  • Plan ahead! Learn to stock up when there are sales, and know how to make your budget last throughout the year instead of burning through it in three months

Rogers also wanted to make sure that parents understand how much teachers appreciate those who step up and pick up extra items to help out.

“Every single thing is used on that list,” she said. “The Expo markers, the pencils, the scissors, the glue. You know, I know with inflation right now it’s a little hard to be paying a little extra but I promise you know everything on that list is not just put away and not used.”

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