Heat warning and heat advisory for your Tuesday

Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 4:14 AM CDT
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(KSLA) - Heat advisories and heat warnings are in place for your Tuesday. It will be extra toasty today with nothing to cool us off. Bad news is that Wednesday will be about the same if not worse!

Happy Tuesday! Big story today is the heat. It will be even hotter than the last few days, so use extra caution. There is an Excessive Heat Warning in place for areas along and north of I-20. South of I-20 there is a heat advisory. Temperatures are up to the lower 100s. We could even tie a record from 2018 at 104 today. Feels like temperatures will range from 106-113 this afternoon. Don’t overdo it while being outdoors today. If you can, just stay inside. There will be a few passing clouds and lots of sunshine with no chance of rain.

Wednesday could also be as bad, if not worse than Tuesday! Temperatures will still be up around the lower 100s. If we hit 104, we will tie a record from 2018. Feels like temperatures will be up around 108-115 in the afternoon. it will be extremely hot, so use more caution than normal while going throughout the day. There will be a couple clouds at times, but nothing to help cool us off. So, the rain chances are down to nothing.

Temperatures are just relentlessly hot and don’t look to cool down anytime soon. So, you want to really watch the signs of heat illness. One of the best ways to beat the heat is to remain hydrated all day every day. Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine (I know, that’s hard for me too!) and large meals. Make sure you allow your body to cool off every now and then when you spend extended time outdoors by going inside where it’s cooler. And of course don’t forget about kids or pets in the backseat of your car. Always check the backseat! I even make a point to get cold groceries last so they spend less time in the trunk or backseat. Your pets also need attention in the heat. Keep them hydrated and when you walk your dog, check the temperature of the sidewalk so they don’t burn their paws. If you can’t tolerate it, neither can they! This is still only the beginning of extreme heat everyday for the next couple months, so start practicing ways to stay safe in the heat.

Thursday will also be a very hot day with highs in the triple digits. There will be more sunshine with a 20% chance of rain. So, not enough to cool these temperatures down. Hopefully you do see some rain to at least help out with the dry conditions. Whatever rain we do see should be light and fairly scattered. Even with a few more passing clouds, it will not provide much help in the heat.

Friday will be another very hot day with temperatures getting up to the 100 degree mark. We will have a small chance of rain to help cool us down, however. As of now, there is a 30% chance of rain. There could be a couple heavier downpours in a few spots. You may likely need your umbrella for your Friday. I still think temperatures will be hot, as it will heat up before the rain arrives. So remember to stay safe in the heat. Drink lots of water, and don’t be afraid to go inside for a few minutes to cool off.

This upcoming weekend will go back to dry weather with more heat. Saturday and Sunday I have temperatures getting up to the triple digits. There will be plentiful sunshine with no chance of a shower. If you’re doing anything outdoors, hopefully it’s by a pool! Always remain safe in the heat, especially on the weekend when we spend more time outside.

In the tropics, we are back to having nothing possible over the next 5 days. So things are nice and quiet! Just how we love it! Of course that can quickly change as the season wears on. We will continue watching for when something may develop. We’ll be your First Alert to when this happens, where it forms, and where it’s going.

Have a great week and stay cool!

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